5 New Security Advances You Need To Check Out

Vendors Unveil Virtualization, Encryption Features

Data encryption has been buoyed by compliance mandates, but cloud and virtualization have been disruptive technologies, forcing some security pros to wonder how to protect data being stored or flowing through cloud environments and mobile devices. New security features from Voltage, HyTrust and CipherCloud all aim to address that issue. Meanwhile, targeted attacks and malware sophistication were addressed by a recent McAfee acquisition and the unveiling of a new Trend Micro feature. Here we present five new security features unveiled at this year's RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Voltage Security Unveils New Encryption Products

Encryption vendor Voltage Security rolled out new cloud, mobile and protection for the Hadoop, Teradata and other large data repositories. The company said its Enterprise Big Data encryption product will protect enterprise and customer data in those environments. The Enterprise Cloud Security product encrypts data moving through IaaS, PaaS and SaaS cloud environments. The Enterprise Mobile Data Security product can encrypt data stored on or moving across mobile devices.

McAfee Acquires Malware Sandboxing Technology

McAfee announced its acquisition of ValidEdge malware sandboxing technology from LynuxWorks. The forensics tool is used by malware analysts to isolate malware and run it safely in a sandbox environment. ValidEdge will be integrated into McAfee's current product line for targeted attacks. The company plans to launch an advanced threat defense product later this year.

Trend Micro Unveils New Custom Defense Feature

Trend Micro is introducing new Custom Defense features for identifying and blocking botnet communications used by malware. The protection is being applied to network, gateway, server and endpoint protection areas and includes an alerting capability if it detects malware communicating with a botnet command and control server. The product's cloud-based correlation engines keep up with the changing nature of C&C IP addresses, Trend Micro said.

CipherCloud Adds Data Loss Prevention For Cloud Apps

CipherCloud unveiled data loss prevention as part of its Open Platform, which monitors and enforces policies on information shared across cloud applications. Open Platform gateway encrypts information exchange between clients and the cloud. It supports standard interfaces, integrating with legacy DLP and antimalware software for policy management. It also supports single-sign-on and activity monitoring from other vendors.

HyTrust Wins Virtualization, Infrastructure Patents

HyTrust, which sells virtualization security that supports VMware vSphere data centers, said it was awarded three patents by the U.S. Patent and trademark Office. One patent represents the basis of its HyTrust Appliance (HTA), which automates virtualized infrastructure access control and log reporting. Another patent covers Adaptive Configuration, which monitors the state of hypervisors and resources across the virtualized environment. Finally, Intelligent Security Control System (ISCS) covers the third patent, which addresses the process of automatically discovering and categorizing metadata, behavior and administrator-defined security controls for different types of virtualized services and resources in realtime, the company said.