Emerging Vendors 2013: Security Vendors

Security Hotshots

CRN's Emerging Vendors for 2013 looks at the hot tech startups rising in the channel and making their presence known through the technology industry as a whole. With never-ending threats to a company's IT operations and data, it's no surprise that this year's list includes a number of security vendors touting everything from cloud security solutions to authentication systems. CRN is highlighting startups that are mixing unique technologies and reliable services with a strong channel presence. Here we present to you the security vendors that made the Emerging Vendors list for 2013.


Las Vegas
Top Executive: Tim Maliyil, CEO

AlertBoot offers a cloud-based data and mobile device security service. Centrally managed through a web-based console, AlertBoot provides mobile device management, mobile antivirus, remote wipe and lock, device auditing, USB drive and hard-disk encryption managed services.


Fremont, Calif.
Top Executive: Jasvir Gill, CEO

AlertEnterprise builds security software for corporate and critical infrastructure protection. The product consolidates identity and access management functions, and enables rules-based correlation of complex threats across the domains of IT security, physical security and industrial control systems for contextual understanding of security events and timely, informed action.


San Francisco
Top Executive: Anthony Bettini, Co-Founder & CEO

Appthority helps businesses spot and manage risks in their mobile applications. Its Appthority Platform uses a cloud-based behavioral analysis engine to identify mobile malware used in attacks and corporate data leaks.


Cupertino, Calif.
Top Executive: Gaurav Banga, CEO

Bromium introduced its first product, vSentry, in September 2012, and it's quickly gaining the attention of security experts. The company uses strong hardware-based container technology called micro-virtualization. The Xen-based hypervisor isolates each vulnerable or untrusted user task. The goal is to neutralize attacks and detect advanced, persistent threats.

Delfigo Security

Top Executive: Ralph Rodriguez, CEO & Founder

Delfigo Security provides mobile, tablet and cloud technology for identity and access management. The Delfigo products provide a multifactor, risk-based authentication platform using a patented artificial-intelligence-based architecture. Delfigo reduces risk of identity theft and fraud for enterprises and ensures regulatory compliances.

Duo Security

Ann Arbor, Mich.
Top Executive: Dug Song, CEO & Co-Founder

Duo Security develops cloud-based, two-factor authentication security technology used to prevent online account takeover and data theft. The company says it offers the easiest two-factor authentication service to deploy, administer and use.


San Francisco
Top Executive: Kelly Wanser, Founder & CEO

eCert provides critical protection against email fraud, phishing and other threats to enterprises, governments and other major organizations and their customers. eCert’s award-winning Email Protection Identity Cert (EPIC) service supports open-standards-based email authentication for blocking malicious traffic.

eGestalt Technologies

Santa Clara, Calif.
Top Executive: Anupam Sahai, President & Co-Founder

eGestalt Technologies develops IT security and compliance management software. Its cloud-based SecureGRC provides PCI and HIPAA/HITECH-based security and compliance management for SMBs, as well as vulnerability assessment and risk management.


St. Petersburg, Russia
Top Executive: Ilya Medvedovsky, CEO

ERPScan develops security software for ERP and business applications, particularly SAP, and software that prevents cybercrime and internal fraud by identifying and correcting system vulnerabilities.


Austin, Texas
Top Executive: Larry Warnock, CEO & President

Gazzang provides data security systems and expertise to help enterprises protect sensitive information and maintain performance in big data and cloud environments. Its technology enables Software-as-a-Service vendors, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, public sector agencies and others to meet regulatory compliance initiatives, secure personally identifiable information and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and systems.

HighCloud Security

Mountain View, Calif.
Top Executive: Bill Hackenberger, Co-Founder, President & CEO

HighCloud Security's software uses encryption, key and policy management to protect virtual machines and their data, and enables users to manage virtual machine deployment from one place regardless of size and complexity. HighCloud protects the operating system and application data, as well as memory files, copies, snapshots and templates.


Palo Alto, Calif.
Top Executive: Mark Risher, Co-Founder & CEO

Impermium provides antispam technology for social networks. The company's subscription-based web service prevents and mitigates most types of suspicious and abusive transactions, and provides realtime and batch monitoring of web transactions. Among the abuses Impermium's services prevent are password hacking, malware placement, fake follower and friending schemes, account takeovers and bogus registration.


Natick, Mass.
Top Executive: Robert Rinaldi, Founder & CEO

ITADSecurity develops software to reduce risk and validate controls for IT infrastructure -- what the company calls storage device lifecycle management. The company's software reduces the risk of a data breach by continuous monitoring and proactive alerting when unexpected events or abnormal patterns are detected.


Overland Park, Kansas
Top Executive: Chris Caldwell, Co-Founder & CEO

LockPath's Keylight software platform offers insight into a company's governance, risk and compliance efforts by correlating security information from various data sources and pairing it with regulations and policies to measure risk. That helps organizations make better business decisions.

Lookout Mobile Security

San Francisco
Top Executive: John Hering, Co-Founder & CEO

Lookout builds security applications that protect people, businesses and networks from mobile threats. Lookout's software proactively prevents fraud, protects data and defends privacy. Lookout Mobile Security, the vendor's flagship consumer product, is available on Android, iOS and Kindle.

Nok Nok Labs

Palo Alto, Calif.
Top Executive: Phillip Dunkelberger, President & CEO

Nok Nok Labs has developed a unified authentication infrastructure system the vendor said could one day replace traditional username and password authentication technology. The software can use a device's fingerprint sensors or webcams, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chips or voice biometrics for authentication.


Brooklyn, N.Y.
Top Executive: Lisa Xu, CEO

NopSec targets the SMB market with its suite of security services and Security-as-a-Service offerings, focusing mainly on the finance, banking, law, entertainment and media industries. NopSec takes a proactive approach to security by automating hacking tools to mimic intrusions on web apps, mobile apps, and wired and wireless networks to find vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. NopSec also offers security-penetration testing services to reveal the weaknesses in customers' wired and wireless networks, web applications and databases.


McLean, Va.
Top Executive: David Canellos, President & CEO

PerspecSys develops a cloud security gateway, which uses encryption modules and tokenization techniques to protect sensitive data, specifically in the banking, insurance, government/public sector, health care and manufacturing sectors. The product supports a variety of popular cloud apps, such as Salesforce.com and Oracle CRM On Demand.

Pindrop Security

Top Executive: Vijay A. Balasubramaniyan, Co-Founder, CEO & CTO

Pindrop Security develops "acoustical fingerprinting" technology that detects fraudulent calls and authenticates legitimate callers. In detecting fraud, the company's caller-ID product identifies key attributes of any phone call, including the device, call path and geographic point of origin. Pindrop's technology extracts the acoustical fingerprint and analyzes it either through Software-as-a-Service or on-premises software.


Tel Aviv
Top Executive: Gilad Parann-Nissany, Founder & CEO

Porticor's Virtual Private Data system combines encryption with key management to protect data in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. With split-key encryption technology, Porticor Virtual Private Data ensures keys remain under customer control and are never exposed in storage.


Marlborough, Mass.
Top Executive: Michael Oldham, CEO

PortSys markets its Total Access Control suite of information security and access control software, including the Saferoom application, to control and secure devices browsing the Internet from within a corporate network. The company also develops the PortSys Unified Access Gateway appliance.

Silver Tail Systems

Menlo Park, Calif.
Top Executive: Joe Tucci, CEO

Silver Tail Systems develops online fraud detection technology. The company was acquired by EMC in October 2012 and is now part of EMC's RSA Division.

Skyhigh Networks

Cupertino, Calif.
Top Executive: Rajiv Gupta, Founder & CEO

Cloud security software vendor Skyhigh Networks, which came out of stealth mode in February, helps businesses leverage cloud services by addressing the problems that come with the viral, uncontrolled adoption of cloud services by employees, especially from personal mobile devices. The platform lets IT and security administrators identify cloud services running on their networks and receive a detailed risk rating for each service.


Brooklyn, N.Y.
Top Executives: Chris Naegelin (pictured) & Dean Mekkawy, Co-Founders

Spotflux's service sends an individual's encrypted Internet traffic through its analytics to remove ads, tracking cookies and malware. The cloud-based service has no impact on responsiveness or battery life. The company said its technology is not a proxy and works on the entire Internet connection.


San Francisco
Top Executive: Peter Jensen, CEO

StopTheHacker is a provider of SaaS services focused on cyberwarfare in the arenas of web security and reputation protection. StopTheHacker's artificial intelligence -- and machine learning-based technology -- is supported by the National Science Foundation.


Shelton, Conn.
Top Executive: Chris Cardell, CEO

SyferLock develops next-generation authentication and security systems. The company's patented software-based authentication and security technology enables enterprises and government organizations to cost-effectively address strong authentication/2 factor authentication to secure every access point, including computers, networks, online access and mobile devices, across a range of applications, including proprietary networks, cloud computing and mobile.

ThreatTrack Security

Clearwater, Fla.
Top Executive: Julian Waits Sr., President & CEO

ThreatTrack Security specializes in helping organizations identify and stop Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), targeted attacks and other sophisticated malware designed to evade traditional cyberdefenses deployed by enterprises and SMBs. The company's advanced cybersecurity systems include its ThreatAnalyzer malware behavioral analysis sandbox, VIPRE business and consumer antivirus software and ThreatIQ realtime threat awareness service.

Total Defense

Redwood City, Calif.
Top Executive: Paul Lipman, CEO

Total Defense develops malware detection and anticrimeware software, including a complete cloud security platform that provides fully integrated endpoint, web and email security through a single Web-based management console with a single set of enforceable security policies. The company also offers a broad portfolio of leading security products for the consumer market.

vArmour Networks

Santa Clara, Calif.
Top Executive: Roger Lian, Co-Founder & CEO

vArmour Networks develops software-defined security technology for virtualized data centers. The company's SDSec software offers a scalable, flexible, programmable network security enforcement layer to highly virtualized computing environments. It can be deployed in both conventional and virtual networking environments.


Menlo Park, Calif.
Top Executive: Mark Lazar, CEO

Victrio's software integrates with existing call-center and fraud-management systems to provide an "identity confidence" score for incoming calls for authentication and fraud detection. The technology silently screens an individual's voice against a fraudster database sourced by historical fraud calls.

Watchful Software

Medford, N.J.
Top Executive: Charles Foley, CEO

Watchful Software is a leading provider of data-centric information security solutions. Its products include the RightsWatch data-centric security and TypeWatch e-biometrics security software.


Palo Alto, Calif.
Top Executive: Stina Ehrensvard, Founder & CEO

Yubico's goal is to offer a level of authentication that eliminates the need to re-enter passwords and unlock secure environments. The company's YubiKey is a USB thumb drive that, when inserted into a computer and pressed, generates a one-time password for the user to access apps and websites.


San Jose, Calif.
Top Executive: Jay Chaudhry, Founder & CEO

The Zscaler Direct-to-Cloud Network lets organizations replace multiple security products with a single, cloud-delivered service to deliver application control, data traffic inspection, bandwidth allocation to core business applications and user protection, allowing safe Internet access.