Top 5 Cybercriminal Motives In 2013 Attacks

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2. Wiping Data, Blocking Infrastructure

Kaspersky Lab said it is monitoring a relatively new kind of attack aimed at wiping out a company's data or destroying a business' internal infrastructure. Malware designed to limit employee access to data or wiping out systems entirely can be severely crippling.

Cryptolocker is designed to encrypt data on a victim's machine and then require victims to payout a ransom fee to regain access to their files. While consumers are usually impacted the most, solution providers told CRN that Cryptolocker also impacted some small businesses.

Kaspersky points to the Wiper and the Shamoon Trojans, which erase data from systems. Wiper was detected in June targeting South Korean systems. Shamoon was used in 2012 against Saudi Aramco. Both threats highlight the importance of offline backup and system redundancy.


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