Top 5 Technologies That Detect Insider Threats

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1. Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention software helps organizations enforce data handling policies and ensure employees handle data securely at the endpoint. In addition, it can help discover confidential data and identify the data owners to secure exposed data and stop data leaks.

The software also automates the process of managing data loss policies. It can monitor outbound email and be set to block messages potentially containing sensitive data. In addition to personally identifiable information, DLP systems can be tuned to alert on the potential exposure of intellectual property and trade secrets. It also can prevent employees from copying data onto a flash drive. Cloud-based DLP systems can ensure that data uploaded to authorized Web-based services used by employees is encrypted before it leaves the corporate network.

Security experts recommend that businesses implement DLP in small, incremental stages to avoid disrupting end users. Businesses can start with a single egress point, such as email, and policies should be kept to a minimum to avoid too many alerts.


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