Top 10 Security Breaches Of 2013

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Hackers Influence Innovative Cybersecurity Defenses

Innovative cybersecurity products solve significant problems at businesses, but there are many factors that influence their creation. Businesses can help guide product development decisions. Compliance mandates also consistently have driven adoption of new technology. White-hat hackers who produce research and uncover flaws and cybercriminal hackers who threaten to undermine defenses both contribute to the product life cycle.

In 2013, hackers developed new methods to bypass security restrictions. They unleashed powerful denial-of-service attacks that mimic legitimate traffic better than ever before. They created new malware strains that easily bypass traditional security defenses. They honed their social engineering tactics, designing ever more believable phishing attacks to steal their account credentials. Drive-by attacks targeted groups of employees, stealthily infecting their systems with malware when they visited a legitimate website.

CRN brought together the top data breaches of 2013 to illustrate how attackers are combining many well-established methods with some wherewithal to successfully infiltrate businesses. The fallout could significantly influence adoption of new security technologies and the creation of new ways designed to make attacks more costly to carry out.


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