10 Ways To Transform Your Clients' Security Program

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Becoming A Trusted Provider Takes Effort

Selling and helping deploy and maintain the latest security appliance can be a big win for a solution provider, but it won't necessarily translate into a long-term relationship with the client. To become a trusted advisor on security issues, experts in the channel say they focus on building relationships with key business and IT executives and understand the business inside out.

Helping businesses reduce risk requires a focus on people and processes, said J.J. Thompson, managing director and CEO of Rook Security. Resellers with strong security practices, consultancies and managed security service providers can grow their business by going beyond selling technology improvements, Thompson said.

Thompson went on to outline the elements that make up the key components of a next-generation security operations center, providing the foundation necessary to establish a strong security program. Here's are 10 ways, according to Thompson, to help transform your clients' security program.

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