Cisco: 10 Attack Trends Eroding Internet Trust

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Cybersquatters Gain Sophistication Via Bitsquatting Technique

Cisco threat researchers have detected a new form of cybersquatting that targets bit errors in computer memory to redirect Internet traffic to sites hosting malware or other scams. The technique, called bitsquatting, uses registered domain names that are one binary digit different from a legitimate domain. It attempts to exploit miniscule errors that take place in system memory, which is likely to store frequently resolved domains.

"By changing a single bit, a domain such as "" can become the bitsquat domain '' An attacker can simply register a bitsquat domain, wait for a memory error to occur, and then intercept Internet traffic," Cisco said.

With the amount of memory per device and the number of devices connected to the Internet both on the rise, bitsquatting can become a useful attack tool in the future, the company predicts.


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