25 Coolest Mobile Device Management And Security Products Of The 2020 Mobile 100

We've pulled together the top security products focused on mobile threats to businesses, along with the leading mobile device management platforms.

Securing And Managing Devices

With much of the corporate world currently working remotely, the need for managing and securing mobile devices has arguably never been higher. In a word, keeping corporate data secure means ensuring that the devices are, themselves, secure. Businesses are thus wise to invest in robust solutions for mobile device management, and in unified endpoint management offerings that include MDM as a core component. Meanwhile, advanced mobile security solutions such as mobile threat prevention are critical as well--and are now being offered by a wide array of cybersecurity vendors from startups to industry giants.

What follows is our roundup of the top mobile security products and mobile device management platforms to know about in 2020.


As Apple devices see more adoption in businesses, Addigy provides an Apple device management platform that is cloud-based and tailored to the needs of business and managed services providers. The platform simplifies monitoring and management of Apple devices--including Mac, iPad and iPhone--from a single location, with capabilities around managing security, inventory, policies and reporting.

AppDome Mobile App Security

For customers building mobile apps, AppDome's solutions aim to ensure security for the mobile code base as well as for data and users. The no-code platform, which is available both for iOS and Android apps, uses artificial intelligence to enable key security capabilities to be built into mobile apps--including authentication, access, mobile threat and analytics.

Bitdefender GravityZone Security for Mobile

With GravityZone Security for Mobile, Bitdefender offers comprehensive mobile security across iOS and Android including bring-your-own-device protection, simplified screen lock and authentication, prevention of usage for lost or stolen devices and anti-malware scanning (for Android devices)--all with minimal administrative burden.

BlackBerry CylanceProtect for Mobile

Building off Blackberry's acquisition of Cylance--and its advanced artificial intelligence-based security capabilities--the BlackBerry CylanceProtect for Mobile solution offers mobile threat defense to devices managed by BlackBerry's Unified Endpoint Management platform. CylanceProtect for Mobile provides next-gen mobile endpoint protection including prevention, detection and remediation of mobile threats.

Check Point SandBlast Mobile

SandBlast Mobile, which is Check Point's mobile threat defense solution for iOS and Android devices, offers capabilities including network attack prevention, threat protection, device vulnerability prevention and remediation tools. SandBlast Mobile also aims to differentiate on ease-of-use in areas such as client installation and overall usability.

Citrix Endpoint Management

Along with providing unified endpoint management across mobile, PC and IoT devices--including Citrix's own IoT device, the Ready Workspace Hub--Citrix Endpoint Management uses Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to enable the delivery of virtualized applications via a direct integration.

CrowdStrike Falcon for Mobile

CrowdStrike Falcon for Mobile enables security teams to hunt for advanced threats on mobile devices, providing visibility into malicious, unwanted or accidental access to sensitive corporate data--while protecting user privacy and avoiding impacts on device performance.

Deep Instinct Mobile Security

Using advanced artificial intelligence, Deep Instinct protects both Android and iOS devices with an emphasis on prediction and prevention--leveraging deep learning AI technology to predict mobile threats and prevent malicious apps. Deep Instinct also offers detection and response for mobile threats, both known and unknown.

FireEye Mobile Security

Along with offering endpoint protection, detection and response for highly mobile devices such as laptops, FireEye enables alerts about mobile device security in the Helix Connect Portal through an integration with mobile security specialist Zimperium. Mutual customers can also see details on top mobile threats and impacted users in the Helix portal.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson

IBM places an emphasis on artificial intelligence and security with its unified endpoint management solution, IBM MaaS360 with Watson. The solution taps IBM's Watson AI capabilities to provide analytics-driven management of device issues, while also leveraging security capabilities in IBM products including mobile threat defense and security information and event management (SIEM).

Jamf Pro

A solution for enterprise mobility management, Jamf Pro enables comprehensive management of Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and Mac, including issuance of security policies. Meanwhile, Jamf recently announced it will be extending its Jamf Connect offering--for simplified provisioning of macOS device users from cloud identity services--to iOS and iPadOS devices as well.

Kaspersky Security for Mobile

Key mobile threat defense capabilities of the Kaspersky Security for Mobile solution include anti-malware and anti-theft protection, mobile web protection for Android devices and rooting protection to block potentially dangerous devices from accessing corporate applications and data.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security uses app analysis technology--leveraging data from more than 100 million iOS and Android apps--to enable protection from app-based risks (such as trojans, spyware and vulnerabilities in app data transfer), as well as from device-based and network-based risks.

McAfee MVision Mobile

With MVision Mobile, McAfee offers mobile protection that is "always on"--regardless of how the device is connected--thanks to sitting directly on the device. The solution also provides advanced threat analysis that leverages machine-learning algorithms along with a central management console for controlling all devices.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Launched in November, the Microsoft Endpoint Manager brings together Intune for management of mobile devices and System Center Configuration Manager for management of PCs, paired with Microsoft's Device Management Admin Center and analytics. Along with simplifying management, the solution enables easier deployment of security policies and remediation measures to all devices.


Expanding upon its longstanding specialty in mobile device management, MobileIron continues to tout its ability to provide what it calls the first "mobile-centric, zero trust platform for the enterprise." The capabilities include device validation, establishment of user context, app authorization checks and network verification--and ultimately provide detection of remediation of threats before users are granted access.

Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect

With its GlobalProtect offering, Palo Alto Networks extends its Security Operating Platform prevention measures to workers using mobile devices regardless of their geographic location. GlobalProtect uses next-generation firewall capabilities while enabling consistent security policies to be extended to mobile and remote workers.

Proofpoint Mobile Defense

Proofpoint Mobile Defense targets malicious apps, both Android and iOS, by bringing together analysis of mobile apps and automation of workflows. The solution provides crucial visibility needed for managing app-based risks, while offering additional capabilities such as analysis of WiFi networks for potential threats and attacks.

RSA SecurID Access

RSA's SecurID Access solution enables strong authentication for mobile users by offering methods such as mobile multi-factor authentication. Mobile options for authentication include push notification, SMS, one-time password and biometrics.

Sophos Mobile

Sophos Mobile is the vendor's offering for unified endpoint management that supports management of devices across Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android, and includes solutions for managing apps, content and security as well. Meanwhile, with Sophos Intercept X for Mobile, the company provides mobile threat defense--even against previously unknown threats--using the Intercept X deep-learning engine.

Soti MobiControl

Key features of Soti MobiControl include comprehensive lifecycle device management (from initial deployment of devices through to their retirement) along with express device enrollment and provisioning, secure content management, application management and management of IoT devices, as well.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile

With its Endpoint Protection Mobile solution, Symantec offers protection of mobile devices--both managed and unmanaged--from threats including malware, exploits of application/OS vulnerabilities and network attacks. The solution leverages Symantec's Global Intelligence Network as well as sources such as predictive malware detection and analysis of devices/servers to provide crucial threat intelligence.

VMware Workspace One

Along with its core unified endpoint management capabilities, VMware Workspace One provides features such as the Intelligence Automation Connector (for connecting automated actions and notifications with service desks and other systems) and Workspace One Sensors (enabling customers to query system attributes such as firmware, BIOS and peripherals for enhanced visibility and compliance).

WatchGuard AuthPoint

With the AuthPoint multi-factor authentication solution, WatchGuard provides secure authentication for external login attempts by generating a push notification to a user's smartphone. The solution's Mobile Device DNA capability, meanwhile, prevents access using a cloned phone or app.

Zimperium zIPS

Zimperium's mobile threat defense solution, zIPS (Intrusion Prevention System), uses machine learning to provide robust on-device protection. The solution leverages mobile threat research and detects threats including device, app and network attacks, for both bring-your-own-device and managed device deployments.