25 Mobile Security Products Locking Down Our Data: The 2022 CRN Mobile 100

Here are 25 mobile security products offered by vendors to protect against ever-growing mobile security threats.

As the mobile attack surface continues to grow in size and scope, vendors have responded with an increasing array of mobile security products for consumers and businesses alike.

The demand for newer and better mobile security products is definitely there – and has been around for a while now since Harvard Business Review pronounced that “mobile phones have become the new prey of choice of hackers.”

Among the variety of mobile threats out there for consumers and businesses, whose employees are increasingly reliant on mobile devices for work, are data leakage, phishing attacks, mobile ransomware, identify theft, unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and other ominous threats.

The bottom line: mobile communications may have raised business productivity, but it has also raised the stakes when it comes to security.

As part of CRN’s 2022 Mobile 100, here are 25 mobile security products offered by vendors to protect against the ever-growing mobile security threats.

Appdome Mobile Security Suite

For customers building mobile apps, AppDome’s solutions aim to ensure security for the mobile code base as well as for data and users. The no-code platform, which is available both for iOS and Android apps, uses artificial intelligence to enable key security capabilities to be built into mobile apps—including authentication, access, mobile threat and analytics.

Better Mobile Threat Defense

Better Mobile is a leading mobile threat defense (MTD) solution provider that uses predictive AI technology to identity and stop mobile security threats without compromising end user productivity or privacy. Better MTD’s predictive protection comes from its Deep Thinker AI platform that applies artificial intelligence and learning models to identify known and unknown threats at the device, network and application levels.

Bitdefender GravityZone Security For Mobile

With GravityZone Security for Mobile, Bitdefender offers comprehensive mobile security across iOS and Android including bring-your-own-device protection, simplified screen lock and authentication, prevention of usage for lost or stolen devices and anti-malware scanning (for Android devices)—all with minimal administrative burden.

Blue Cedar Mobile App Security

Blue Cedar Mobile App Security is ideal for BYOD environments as it provides IT with control over sensitive business information in mobile apps even on devices without mobile device management (MDM) controls. Use it standalone or to extend the reach of security service Edge (SSE) deployments to unmanaged devices. Blue Cedar Mobile App Security consists of Blue Cedar Enforce and Blue Cedar Connect, which can be used together or independently of each other.

Check Point Harmony Mobile

Part of the recently launched Harmony unified security offering from Check Point Software Technologies, Harmony Mobile secures mobile devices used by employees against malicious apps and against attacks on the network or operating system. Downloads of malicious apps are detected and blocked in real time, while network protection capabilities include anti-phishing, safe browsing and conditional access.

CrowdStrike Falcon for Mobile

With the CrowdStrike Falcon for Mobile offering, the cybersecurity vendor extends its endpoint detection and response solution to iOS and Android devices—enabling mobile devices to be secured with the same platform that’s used to protect servers, cloud workloads and workstations. Key capabilities include automated threat detection and comprehensive, real-time visibility into app activity.

Cybereason Mobile

Cybereason has expanded its prevention, detection and response capabilities from traditional endpoints to mobile devices to allow customers to combat threats from a single console. Cybereason Mobile and Cybereason Mobile MDR aim to provide more robust protection against mobile-centric threats like phishing.


CylancePROTECT Mobile augments BlackBerry’s unified endpoint manager solution by providing AI-powered mobile threat defense—offering prevention, detection and remediation for cyber threats both at the device level and the application level. Capabilities include iOS app integrity checking and Android malware detection.

ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Home allows users to manage the security of all of their Windows and Android home devices from one seamless and convenient interface. The company in October brought on longtime Ingram Micro executive Ryan Grant to push into the enterprise and enhance its strategy for different solution provider segments.

IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson

IBM says it’s bringing an AI-focused approach to managing and securing endpoints with the MaaS360 with Watson unified endpoint management solution. MaaS360 with Watson uses the AI capabilities of IBM’s Watson platform to analyze massive amounts of endpoint data across all major operating systems, enabling unified security for all users, endpoints and apps.

Kaspersky Security For Mobile

The Kaspersky Security for Mobile solution includes mobile threat defense features such as mobile anti-malware—which uses both signature-based protection as well as heuristic analysis that leverages the Kaspersky Security Network’s threat intelligence capabilities. Other key features include anti-theft, web protection and rooting protection that prevents compromise devices from access to corporate resources.

Kryptowire Mobile App Security Testing

Kryptowire’s Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) solution automatically tests the security and privacy of any mobile app, without needing access to source code. Kryptowire’s platform performs automated static analysis and dynamic analysis without the need for a human in the loop, speeding up security and privacy testing to quickly and efficiently understand security and privacy risks in any mobile app.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

Lookout’s Mobile Endpoint Security offering leverages AI to analyze data from more than 120 million apps and from nearly 200 million devices to provide protection from mobile threats, both known and unknown. Along with endpoint protection, other key solutions within Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security include phishing and content protection; mobile risk and compliance; mobile vulnerability and patch management; mobile endpoint detection and response; and embedded app defense for advanced detection of mobile threats.

NowSecure Platform

NowSecure makes it easy to integrate security testing into a firm‘s mobile software development life cycle by automating static, dynamic and interactive analysis of Android and iOS apps. The NowSecure Platform is used by security, quality assurance and development teams to rapidly certify mobile application security during build cycles, prior to initial release and based upon the attributes most important to each organization.

Palo Alto Networks’ GlobalProtect

Palo Alto Networks’ solution for secure mobile workforces, GlobalProtect, extends the company’s next-generation firewall capabilities to mobile users, no matter where they’re located. The solution delivers an “always-on” IPsec/SSL VPN connection between endpoints and operating systems, enabling secure access to sensitive data, while providing full visibility.

Pradeo Mobile Threat Defense

Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense protects devices used for work-related activities, corporate-owned or personal (BYOD), to prevent mobile data breach. The technology is integrated with key UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) and EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solutions to ensure CISOs and security heads can manage mobility and security from a unified platform. Gartner reviews have given the product four out of five stars.

Proofpoint Mobile Defense

Proofpoint’s mobile security product identifies and blocks apps known to be malicious and those with “risky behaviors that may lead to spear-phishing attacks and expose sensitive data.” The company says the product’s advanced threat solutions “work across email, social media, Wi-Fi hotspots, and mobile apps to help safeguard what matters most.”

Psafe Dfndr Security

The popular PSafe Dfndr Security app is installed in millions of phones across the world, protecting against all sorts of malware, phishing and identity theft attacks, including Wi-Fi theft and other hacks associated with mobile devices. An added bonus: The app makes it possible to track a stolen/missing cell phone in order to improve the odds of retrieving the device.

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile provides protection against malware and numerous other mobile threats. The app provides device, network and application security for most operating systems and endpoints that can all be controlled from Sophos Central. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile, which says it can protect against “known and never-before-seen” mobile threats, has generally gotten positive reviews at Google Play.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile

Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile) helps protect businesses from mobile cyberattacks via predicting, detecting and preventing physical, malware, network and vulnerability exploits. According to corporate owner Broadcom, SEP Mobile’s predictive technology uses a “layered approach that leverages massive crowd-sourced threat intelligence, in addition to both device- and server-based analysis, to proactively protect mobile devices from malware, network threats, and app/OS vulnerability exploits.”


To prevent fraud and other malicious activities, TeleSign verifies over five billion unique phone numbers a month, representing approximately half of global mobile users. Its security product provides digital identity and programmable communications APIs to block attempted scams and to enable omnichannel engagement. Telesign’s risk scoring API analyzes phone number attributes acquired during the authentication process to assist companies with onboarding new customers, according to the company.

TeskaLabs SeaCat

SeaCat by TeskaLabs is a cybersecurity platform that provides authentication, authorization, identity management, session management and other access control features. According to Crunchbase, SeaCat relieves the pressure on app developers from “having to spend a lot of effort to handle tedious implementation security access while making sure not to compromise on information security.”

Trellix Mobile

According to Trellix (formerly FireEye and McAfee Enterprise), Trellix Mobile sits directly on mobile devices to provide “always-on protection” whether or not a device is connected via a corporate network, public access point, or cellular carrier, and even offline. “Machine learning algorithms analyze device behavior deviations to uncover indicators of compromise and accurately identify advanced device, application, and network-based attacks,” the company says.

Zimperium zIPS

Zimperium’s zIPS detects threats across a large kill chain: device, network, phishing and app attacks. Zimperium, which is a mobile security company based in Dallas, claims zIPS is the “world‘s first mobile intrusion prevention system app providing comprehensive protection for iOS and Android devices against mobile attacks.” The product gets generally good reviews at Gartner.

Zscaler Client Connector

Zscaler Client Connector sits on users’ endpoints – corporate-managed laptops and mobile devices, for instance – and provides security measures and access controls “regardless of device, location or application,” according to Zscaler. “You can also protect your users’ mobile traffic, whether they’re connected to Wi-Fi or cellular networks.”