10 'Beautiful' Celebs Whose Google Searches Can Turn Ugly

Dangers Lurk For Fans Of The Top Celebrities

Cybercriminals use promises of tantalizing photographs and nude snapshots to trap people interested in gawking at them into a scam or worse. Malicious links could lead to an attack website and result in a PC plagued with dangerous malware infections. Poisoned search results can refer users to a malicious website or a legitimate site that criminals set up as an attack platform. Email attachments are also a phishing attack mainstay, once a victim opens up a file, the malware attempts to execute and communicate with a remote server controlled by criminals. These 10 celebrities pose the biggest risk of infection for users who search for them in 2014, according to analysis from Intel Security (formerly McAfee). McAfee bases its calculations from data pulled from its SiteAdvisor site ratings to uncover the top dangerous celebrities.

10. Christina Aguilera

People searching for Christina Aguilera, one of Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, have a high chance of falling victim to a phishing attack, according to McAfee. Aguilera beat out 50 Cent, Cheryl Cole and Jay Z to capture the No. 10 on the top 10 most dangerous celebrity list. Aguilera and other celebrities were the target of an attack in 2011 when a hacker gained access to their email accounts by correctly guessing the account protection questions asked of users to validate their authenticity when resetting a password.

9. Chelsea Handler

Time magazine named Chelsea Handler to its list of the 100 Most Influential People. Handler, a 39-year-old comedian hosted a late night talk show and is a frequent columnist. Her talk show, Chelsea lately on E! network aired its final episode in August after a seven-year run. People attracted to her photos, video clips and columns should visit official websites for her content, according to McAfee, which lists Handler as a risky celebrity commonly used as bait in phishing attacks. There's a 17.22 percent chance of visiting a malicious website when searching for Handler's pictures, content and videos.

8. Jon Bon Jovi

Glamour magazine readers declared the 52-year-old Jon Bon Jovi the Sexiest Man Alive in 2014 for the second year in a row. Bon Jovi messages and links are popular on social networks and McAfee warns users in trusting links and other content shared on Facebook and other sites. Don't trust everything shared on the sites, security experts say. Popular social networks monitor for suspicious link-baiting activity and contain threats before they quickly spiral out of control.

7. Britney Spears

She may be arguably past her prime, but at 32, Britney Spears fans continue to hunt for free downloads of the pop star's music. Popular celebrity searches for "free" material is an especially desirable characteristic that cybercriminals seize on, according to McAfee. In 2009, a video captured a fan disrupting a Britney Spears concert in Connecticut and it instantly went viral causing phishers to target people interested in viewing the clip. Spears was also among the many celebs who recently had the contents of their Apple iCloud account publicly exposed.

6. Blake Shelton

Country music star Blake Shelton continues to draw interest from cybercriminals, earning him a title on the top 10 risky celebrity list. The 38-year-old Oklahoma native was a winning coach on the fourth season of the popular NBC music talent show "The Voice." He released his ninth studio album, "Bringing Back The Sunshine," last week. McAfee and other security vendors warn users to avoid giving away personal information and Facebook login credentials to third-party websites, a common phishing practice.

5. Bruce Springsteen

Rock legend Bruce Springsteen released his 18th album, "High Hopes" in January and it became a No. 1-selling album in the U.S. and U.K. The 65-year-old musician's continued popularity solidifies his attractiveness to cybercriminals, earning him the fifth most dangerous celebrity ranking, according to McAfee's risk percentage calculation.

4. Flo Rida

Fans of Flo Rida, a 39-year-old rapper and Miami native, may be safer searching for Tramar Lacel Dillard, according to McAfee, which lists Flo Rida as the fourth most popular celebrity lure used by cybercriminals. Flo Rida fans have an 18.89 percent chance of reaching a web page that has a virus, according to the analysis. The popular rapper could retain his high spot on the list with a new album expected this year.

3. Ciara

Recent headlines about Ciara tout here successful 60-pound weight loss following the birth of her first child, Future, in May. The continued headlines about the 29-year-old pop star make searches for her music videos and pictures dangerous for fans. She earned the third most dangerous celebrity spot on McAfee's list. The security vendor warns Ciara fans to stick to official music services and download sites, which offer less risk of a nasty computer infection.

2. Armin van Buuren

Dutch DJ and producer Armin van Buuren, whose hit trance music includes the popular title "This is What it Feels Like," earned the No. 2 slot on the list. The music track earned van Buuren a Grammy, for best dance recording last year. Fans conduct searches for Van Burren every day and his weekly radio show "State of Trance" continues to be popular, making him a favorite lure used by cybercriminals.

1. Jimmy Kimmel

People searching for comedian Jimmy Kimmel have a one-in-five chance of landing on a malicious website, according to the McAfee analysis. Kimmel, 46, who stars in the late night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on ABC, pranked the Internet with a video claiming to be the "worst twerk fail ever," earning him the title in 2014. The video's popularity along with others created by Kimmel, made him a favorite lure used by phishers, according to the analysis. Last year Kimmel was in the 39th spot on the list giving credence to the lasting power of viral video campaigns. Comedian and late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon was number 12 on the list.