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Verizon Report: Top 9 Causes Of Data Breaches

Sarah Kuranda

Threats In All Shapes And Sizes

In the 2015 annual Verizon Data Breach Report, researchers ranked the top causes of both confirmed data breaches and incidents overall, built from reducing the hundreds of thousands of attacks into nine key categories, which account for 96 percent of all breaches. By looking at these categories and preparing for them, the report said, companies can actively fight back against common sources of breaches to protect their organizations down the road.

"It suggests that, while the threats against us may seem innumerable, infinitely varied, and ever-changing, the reality is they aren't. This certainly doesn't diminish the significant challenges faced by defenders, but it does imply a threat space that is finite, understandable, and at least somewhat measurable," the report said.

Take a look.

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