The 10 Coolest Security Startups Of 2015 (So Far)

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Menlo Security

CEO: Amir Ben-Efraim

Emerging from stealth earlier this year, Menlo Security offers what it says is a new take on email and Web security. The company's Isolation Platform works by isolating all Web and email content in the cloud before it reaches the endpoint. From there, end users are able to view a mirror presentation of the information, without actually touching it. CEO Amir Ben-Efraim said the "magic" of the offering is that it isolates all content instead of categorizing it as good or bad, so the user is protected either way.

"The concept of trying to figure out good from bad is failing us as an industry," Ben-Efraim said. "Even though we've got more and more layers of security ... they're [security companies] all trying to figure out good from bad. Largely speaking, they're all failing. We wanted to try a different approach."

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