10 Best Security Swag At Black Hat 2015

Swag On Swag

If having the best conference swag is a competition, Black Hat USA 2015 is the Super Bowl. Security vendors whipped out the latest and greatest giveaways for attendees, this year bringing everything from Apple Watches to cash prizes that could be a down payment on some houses. It can all be a bit overwhelming as you try to stuff all the goodies into your bag, but don't worry -- CRN has you covered. We scoped out the event held in Las Vegas and have picked out the best Black Hat swag. Take a look.

Robot Toys

Nothing says blocking bots like robot toys. Distil Networks, a San Francisco-based cloud and web security startup focused on preventing malicious bots, was giving away these quirky little toys at the event.

Decks Of Cards

FireHost was keeping in the Las Vegas spirit, giving away fresh decks of cards for Black Hat attendees to hone their gambling skills before hitting the casino floor. However, the company kept a key reminder on the cards: "Don't gamble with your security."

Custom T-shirts

Giving away T-shirts is so last year. This year, multiple vendors, such as advanced threat protection company Tripwire, broke out T-shirt-making stations, with attendees lining up to get their custom shirts from the event.

Raspberr y Pi 2

What better giveaway for technology guys than technology? Fortinet was giving away multiple Raspberry Pi 2 mini computers at the event so attendees could tinker to their heart's content when they get home.


At a conference as big as Black Hat, with more than 8,000 attendees, you're bound to do a lot of walking. Digital Guardian, a data loss prevention software company based in Waltham, Mass., was helping attendees keep track of all of those steps, raffling off the Fitbit wearable activity tracker.

Remote-Control Devices

PFP Cybersecurity, a threat detection company focused on protecting semiconductors, mobile and IoT devices, was sticking true to its roots at Black Hat, giving away remote-control toy Sphero. The toy, which retails for around $129.99, is controlled by an app that provides hours of fun through games, obstacle courses and friendly competition.

Apple Watch

It wasn't a surprise that there were lots of Apple Watches to win at Black Hat. At least three vendors were giving away the hot, new smartwatch, including OpenDNS, Intel Security and Arxan Technologies, at their booths in exchange for selfies, raffle tickets or a test of their security knowledge in Hacker Jeopardy.


While they were banned from flying at RSA, drones made a strong showing at this year's Black Hat. Two vendors, app security company Wallarm, and security intelligence company LogRhythm, chose the DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter Drone, which retails at about $500.


If you didn't like any of the other gifts, there was plenty of cash prizes flowing at the event that could satisfy even the pickiest of goodie grabbers. Companies such as Veracode were enticing companies with cash, inviting them to enter a unique combination in the hopes of winning $250.

Even More Cash

What's better than a cash prize? An even bigger cash prize. Palo Alto Networks stole the show with a massive cash prize. The company celebrated its partnership with Tanium, with the startup giving away $5,000 in a Twitter contest, and the network security company itself giving away even more at its own booth.