6 Hot New Security Products Launched By HP Security This Week

Going Big With Security

HP Protect is in National Harbor, Md., this week, which means hot, new security innovations for Hewlett-Packard partners. The vendor didn't disappoint -- announcing new security solutions for threat detection, cloud security and compliance to the more than 1,700 event attendees. The theme of security analytics was felt strongly in this year's solutions rollout, with each of the technologies taking advantage of analytics technologies to help clients ramp up their security postures in a variety of areas. That approach around analytics will be a differentiator for HP and its partners, said Frank Mong, vice president, solutions for HP Security.

"Part of our move-forward vision and strategy is to really focus in on how to help companies protect what's really important," Mong said. "We think what's really important in any organization is users, applications and the data."

HP ArcSight DNS Malware Analytics

HP ArcSight DNS Malware Analytics is designed to help companies more quickly detect infected hosts in their environment by tracking, inspecting and analyzing DNS server traffic. Mong said that this method is much more effective at catching threats on the endpoint before they are known as it doesn't rely on signatures for detection. The solution is integrated with the HP ArcSight SIEM platform for added analytics capabilities. That integration sets up ArcSight to be the "next generation of SIEM," with even more actionable analytics and interactions, Sue Barsamian, senior vice president and general manager of Enterprise Security Products, said in a statement about the solution.

HP Fortify Analytics

HP also launched HP Fortify Analytics at the event, a solution that is designed to provide deeper analytics into users and applications. Using automated machine learning technology to scan application code, companies get relevant and actionable insights into how to write better code to improve the security of their organizations and help customers make better decisions. This type of solution is particularly relevant for an audit, and reduces the number of audit-review issues.

Cloud Access Security Integration

With a new Cloud Access Security integration, HP brought together the strengths of the Adallom Cloud Access Security protection platform with ArcSight. As more enterprises look to move applications and infrastructure into the cloud, the integration will allow customers to also extend the analytics of threat intelligence from the ArcSight SIEM solution to make sure the move is a secure one.

HP SecureMail eDiscovery

As compliance regulations call for specific retention policies around email, HP has moved to simplify and secure that process with the launch of HP SecureMail eDiscovery. The solution helps clients cut the complexity from meeting email compliance standards with an easy-to-use GUI interface for decrypting messages and attachments.

HP SecureData Payments 4.1

In another launch to help customers tackle compliance challenges, HP announced HP SecureData Payments 4.1 to help clients meet PCI standards by protecting data at the point of payment or POS system and add new secure capabilities around instant credit checks, nontraditional payments, loyalty programs or survey data. The solution also adds support for the new x86-based HP Integrity NonStop X platform, as well as new cryptographic capabilities.

HP Atalla IPC Express

Finally, HP launched HP Atalla IPC Express to help organizations deal with the growing challenge of unstructured data in the enterprise. The solution automates the data classification and subsequent protection levels of unstructured data, including information in Office documents, PDFs, email, attachments, images, CAD design files and more. The solution is an offshoot of the HP Atalla IPC Enterprise offering, but has the added benefit of being a low-TCO and near-zero-configuration option for easy deployment and management.