Exclusive Sneak Peek: 5 New Technologies FireEye May Unleash In 2016

Turning The Page

FireEye plans to come back fighting as it dives into 2016, CEO Dave DeWalt said at the company's recent Momentum 2016 sales kickoff event in Las Vegas. With two acquisitions under its belt and new investments on the way, DeWalt and CTO Grady Summers said partners can expect to see multiple new technologies from the security vendor in the month to come. With an exclusive invite to the event, CRN got a sneak peek into what some of those technologies might be, and when partners can expect them to come to market. Take a look.

Integration Of Invotas

At the company's Momentum 2016 event, FireEye said that it had acquired security orchestration and automation company Invotas. In 2016, the acquisition will provide the foundation for a "new view" of FireEye, CEO DeWalt said, including providing a single platform for the company's own technology as well as allowing it to expand with more third-party integrations in the months to come. DeWalt said to expect a more "open partner ecosystem" from FireEye in the future.

Ramping Up Endpoint Security

DeWalt said at the event that partners should expect to see "major releases and energy put into the endpoint." Those investments will include additions around both protection and detection capabilities, he said, and will likely take the form of one or two "transformational" releases in the months to come. Those releases include the long-awaited launch of Ultravisor, which is the company's answer to the exploding market for next-generation endpoint security. DeWalt said to expect an Ultravisor release this year.

Expanding MVX

Partners can look forward to an expanding MVX engine, the company's detection and sandboxing solution, in 2016. That includes a new virtual and software-based engine coming out this year so partners can deploy the technology more quickly, DeWalt said. CTO Summers said partners can also expect to see the MVX technology extended to the endpoint. That will help set FireEye apart from its competitors, he said, because of the extensive intelligence in MVX that will result in better detection and lower false positive rates. Summers said exploit detection in HX will be available some time around the first quarter.

Cloud, Cloud, Cloud

One of the focuses in 2016 is "cloud everything," DeWalt said. Partners can expect to see the company ultimately push all of its platform to the cloud, he said, where it can more easily delivered as-a-service and wrapped with professional services. He said to expect more cloud components to roll out this year.

Exploit Prevention

Prevention is an area that "needs some love" from FireEye, Summers said. One area in particular where partners can expect prevention to improve is on the endpoint, Summers said, solutions it expects to start launching in the first quarter.