10 Companies Getting Into The Critical Infrastructure Security Market

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Big Vendors Investing Big Dollars

One of the big trends predicted by solution providers and security experts alike in 2016 is a rise in critical infrastructure attacks. Those fears have already started to come to fruition, with attacks on a power grid in the Ukraine and a New York dam control system. According to a study by the Enterprise Strategy Group, 68 percent of critical infrastructure organizations said they experienced some form of security incident in the past two years. What's more, 67 percent of security professionals working with critical infrastructure said the threat landscape is more dismal than it was two years ago -- and it's only going to get worse.

To respond to that rising threat, many major security vendors and startups have moved to offer critical infrastructure security solutions. These offerings have brought to the table new technology, services and vendor partnerships with leading critical infrastructure providers.

Take a look at 10 vendors investing big in critical infrastructure security capabilities.

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