5 New Products To Expect From Intel Security This Year

Looking Ahead In 2016

As Intel Security pivots to its new strategy, the security vendor said it is shifting its investment priorities and funneling big dollars into engineering and R&D. As a result, the security vendor plans to release more innovation in the second half of this year than in the past several years combined, said Bill McAllister, vice president of Americas sales, at this week's 2016 Partner Summit in Boca Raton, Fla. That innovation will focus on protection, detection and correction technologies that work together, an architecture to drive velocity and effectiveness, and user experience, Raja Patel, vice president and general manager of corporate products, said at the event. While Patel didn't reveal every innovation on the road map, here are five that he said partners can expect to see in the months to come.

Endpoint 10.2

McAfee Endpoint 10.2 will be rolling out later this year, Patel said. The new release will put a big focus on dynamic application containment, he said, which will allow partners and security professionals to move beyond black and white threat categorization and "look at the gray." That is particularly important, he said, as threats become more sophisticated and more difficult to categorize.

"We think it will enhance our accuracy and protection effectiveness greatly to reduce the number of breaches and reduce the amount of effort that’s required," Patel said.

DLP 10.0

Patel said partners can also expect to see the release of DLP 10.0 in the coming months. Data loss prevention is a rapidly growing business for Intel Security, McAllister said, growing more than 200 percent year over year. The latest release will focus on unification, Patel said, to help unify DLP policy management and optimize workflow.

"We will move leaps and bounds above where we are today," Patel said.

McAfee Web SaaS

Web security is a booming business for Intel Security, growing 33 percent year over year, Patel said. The security vendor aims to propel that growth further by adding scalable distributed cloud capabilities. Patel said Intel Security has been "quietly building out" its cloud footprint around the world and will launch Web SaaS at full scale this year. This launch will be the beginning of inline cloud delivery, Patel said, building on a rich set of hybrid cloud capabilities offered by Intel Security.

MOVE 4.0

McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments (MOVE) AntiVirus is getting an upgrade later this year, with new features focused on providing greater visibility into workloads, virtualization, and hybrid and public cloud environments, Patel said. The long-term road map for the server security business is to provide automated discovery workloads that can be automatically populated with policies, Patel said, resulting in end-to-end visibility and resolution capabilities.

McAfee Active Response 2.0

After launching McAfee Active Response last fall, Intel Security is quickly turning around a 2.0 version this year, adding new features around automation, Patel said. Automation is a "big part of the mission" at Intel Security, particularly around Active Response, as it provides increased effectiveness and better customer outcomes, Patel said. Patel said Intel Security is also working to add trace analysis capabilities in the cloud to Active Response, as well as a "big investment" in boosting the user experience.