10 Security Emerging Vendors You Need To Know About

On The Defensive

Maybe it's the steady stream of cybersecurity horror stories that seem to frequently make headlines. But there's a huge focus on IT security these days -- and that's leading to an explosion of startup companies developing everything from access control and security assessment tools, to anti-malware software, to advanced threat detection technology. The systems are designed to protect on-premise data centers to cloud systems, mobile devices and even the Internet of Things networks of tomorrow.

Here's a look at 10 emerging security technology vendors we think solution providers should know.

Attivo Networks

Fremont, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Tushar Kothari

Founded: 2011

Attackers bypass prevention systems daily and go undetected on average seven-plus months. Attivo Networks provides real-time detection and analysis of inside-the-network threats, instantly detecting stolen credentials, ransomware and targeted attacks within user networks, data centers, clouds, SCADA, and IoT environments. Comprehensive attack analysis and automated blocking provide accelerated incident response capabilities.

Bastille Networks


Top Executive: CEO Chris Risley

Founded: 2014

Bastille provides an Internet of Things security system for the enterprise. The technology helps enterprise security teams protect corporate airspace by scanning the entire radio frequency (RF) spectrum between 60MHz to 6GHz, providing visibility into devices that operate on more than 100 distinct protocols.

Cato Networks

Tel Aviv, Israel

Top Executive: Shlomo Kramer

Founded: 2015

Cato has developed a Network Security as a Service platform that the company said is changing the way network security is delivered and managed for distributed, cloud-centric and mobile-first enterprises. The company's Cato Cloud platform uses the cloud to consolidate WAN and internet traffic and layer enterprise-grade security solutions -- such as a next-generation firewall -- on top.

The Tel Aviv-based startup was founded last year by Shlomo Kramer, a respected security investor who also co-founded big-name security vendors Check Point Software Technologies and Imperva, and Gur Shatz. It landed $20 million in Series A funding in October before officially launching this year with a 100 percent channel strategy.

Contrast Security

Palo Alto, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Alan Naumann

Founded: 2013

Contrast Security's cybersecurity product unifies vulnerability detection and attack protection. The application security software quickly and accurately stops hackers from stealing data via applications, employing patented, deep-security instrumentation to strengthen applications in development, defending them in production, and securing them throughout the application life cycle.


Irvine, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO George Kurtz

Founded: 2011

CrowdStrike is a leading developer of next-generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence and response services. CrowdStrike's core technology, the Falcon platform, stops breaches by preventing and responding to all types of attacks -- both malware and malware-free. CrowdStrike Falcon is currently deployed in more than 170 countries.



Top Executive: CEO Lior Div

Founded: 2012

The Cybereason Detection and Response Platform leverages big data, behavioral analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to uncover, in real time, complex cyberattacks that are designed to evade traditional defenses. The technology automates the investigation process and connects isolated malicious events. The platform is available as an on-premise solution or a cloud-based service.


Irvine, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Stuart McClure

Founded: 2012

Cylance offers a cybersecurity solution that stops advanced threats and malware at the most vulnerable point, the endpoint, by applying an artificial intelligence approach in the Cylance endpoint security solution, CylanceProtect.

Cylance stunned the IT security space in June when it said it had raised $100 million in Series D funding from Blackstone Tactical Opportunities and Insight Venture Partners, among others.

Illusive Networks

New York

Top Executive: CEO Shlomo Touboul

Founded: 2014

Illusive Networks develops a deception-based cybersecurity system with its patent-pending Deceptions Everywhere technology that neutralizes targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats by creating a deceptive layer across the entire network. By providing an endless source of false information, Illusive Networks disrupts and detects breaches with real-time forensics without disruption to businesses.


Sunnyvale, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Guy Bejerano

Founded: 2014

SafeBreach is a pioneer in the emerging category of continuous security validation. The company's platform provides a "hacker's view" of an enterprise's security posture for continuous security assessment. SafeBreach automatically executes breach methods with its extensive and growing Hacker's Playbook of research and real-world investigative data.

Vectra Networks

San Jose, Calif.

Top Executive: CEO Hitesh Sheth

Founded: 2011

Vectra Networks is a leader in real-time detection of in-progress cyberattacks. The company's automated threat management software continuously monitors internal network traffic to pinpoint cyberattacks as they happen. Vectra prioritizes attacks that pose the greatest business risk, enabling organizations to make rapid decisions to focus time and resources.