15 Cybersecurity Companies That Hauled In Major Funding In Q3

Security Upstarts, And The VCs Who Love Them

In the realm of emerging enterprise technology, cybersecurity is the current reigning champion--at least in terms of venture capital activity. Out of the 100 venture deals for enterprise tech companies that we tracked during the third quarter, 43 of them were for security companies.

What follows are 15 of the most promising cybersecurity companies that raised funding during the quarter -- with funding totaling $494 million.

Aqua Security

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel, and San Francisco

CEO: Dror Davidoff

Funding: $9 million, Series A

Investors: Microsoft Ventures (led the round), TLV Partners, Schlomo Kramer

What it does: Provider for of a security platform for virtual container applications.

Bay Dynamics

Headquarters: San Francisco

CEO: Feris Rifai

Funding: $23 million, Series B

Investors: Carrick Capital Partners (led the round), Comcast Ventures

What it does: Offers cyber risk analytics software for measuring and reducing security threats.

BitSight Technologies

Headquarters: Cambridge, Mass.

CEO: Shaun McConnon

Funding: $40 million, Series C

Investors: GGV Capital (led the round), Flybridge Capital Partners, Globespan Capital Partners, Menlo Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Liberty Global Ventures, Singtel Innov8, CEO Shaun McConnon

What it does: Provider of a security ratings platform, which aims to objectively rate the security performance of companies.

Cato Networks

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel, and Alpharetta, Ga.

CEO: Shlomo Kramer

Funding: $30 million, Series B

Investors: Greylock Partners (led the round), Singtel Innov8, U.S. Venture Partners, Aspect Ventures, company founders Shlomo Kramer and Gur Shatz

What it does: Creator of a cloud-based network--which connects all branch locations, mobile users and infrastructure--with enterprise security built into it.


Headquarters: Framingham, Mass.

CEO: Omer Schneider

Funding: $9 million

Investors: Flint Capital (led the round), Glilot Capital Partners, Swarth Group, GlenRock, ff Venture Capital

What it does: Offers cybersecurity solutions aimed at industrial IoT, including real-time detection of operational incidents and cyber threats.


Headquarters: Cambridge, U.K. & San Francisco

CEO: Nicole Eagan

Funding: $65 million, growth round

Investors: KKR (led the round), Summit Partners, TenEleven Ventures, SoftBank-affiliated SB ISAT Fund

What it does: Software for enterprise cybersecurity using its ’Enterprise Immune System,’ which aims to detect and respond to threats that hadn’t been identified previously.

Distil Networks

Headquarters: San Francisco and Arlington, Va.

CEO: Rami Essaid

Funding: $21 million, Series C

Investors: Silicon Valley Bank, Bessemer Venture Partners, Foundry Group, Techstars

What it does: Offers software for detecting and blocking malicious bots without impacting legitimate website traffic.


Headquarters: Leesburg, Va.

CEO: Rohyt Belani

Funding: $42.5 million, Series C

Investors: Paladin Capital Group (led the round), Bessemer Venture Partners

What it does: Cyber-defense solutions for stopping human phishing attacks.


Headquarters: Beer Sheva, Israel

CEO: Gilad Peleg

Funding: $5 million, Series A

Investors: Orange Digital Ventures, Connecticut Innovations, Jerusalem Venture Partners, Imperva CTO/co-founder Amichai Shulman

What it does: Provider of an advanced threat detection system that aims to provide a fuller scope of cyberattacks (including all affected users, domains and assets) than other systems.

Skyhigh Networks

Headquarters: Campbell, Calif.

CEO: Rajiv Gupta

Funding: $40 million, Series D

Investors: Thomvest Partners (led the round), Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital

What it does: Cloud Access Security Broker solution, which serves as central control point for protecting data stored in different cloud services.


Headquarters: Dallas

CEO: Lance Crosby

Funding: $150 million

Investors: ABRY Partners

What it does: Offers a platform that brings together enterprise security solutions with software for improving customer experiences on the Web.


Headquarters: Reston, Va.

CEO: John Czupak

Funding: $12 million, Series B

Investors: New Enterprise Associates (led the round), Blu Venture Investors, Center for Innovative Technology

What it does: Provides a threat intelligence platform, ThreatQ, which works by correlating external data sources with internal analytics.


Headquarters: San Francisco

CEO: Ben Bernstein

Funding: $10 million, Series A

Investors: TenEleven Ventures (led the round), Rally Ventures, YL Ventures

What it does: Vulnerability management and authentication for containers.


Headquarters: San Jose, Calif.

CEO: James Brear

Funding: $8.2 million, Series A

Investors: Menlo Ventures (led the round), New Enterprise Associates

What it does: Uses detection of vulnerabilities to prevent network breaches and outages.


Headquarters: Washington, D.C.

CEO: John Ackerly

Funding: $29 million, Series A

Investors: Bessemer Venture Partners (led the round), New Enterprise Associates, Soros Fund Management, Haystack Partners, Quadrant Capital Advisors, Blue Delta Capital

What it does: Provides email and file encryption that’s aimed at being both easy to use and affordable.