5 Things That Shape The Security Solution Provider Of The Future

The Next Generation Of Security Partners

One thing is clear about security: it is changing perhaps faster than any other industry. For partners, that means there's a need for a new business model when it comes to security, Palo Alto Networks Senior Vice President of Worldwide Channels Ron Myers said. That model moves away from selling point products to offer more sophisticated, integrated and automated solutions that can better fend off escalating threats, he said. He said Palo Alto Networks is pivoting its channel model to focus on this type of partner.

"Success as a channel partner is no longer just about being a solution provider, combining hardware, software and services to address a specific security need. Security is about being a next-generation security innovator," Myers said in a blog post. Take a look at what Myers said it takes to be a "next-generation security innovator."

Integrated Solutions

Myers said partners should pursue a platform-based approach to security, with an ecosystem of vendor solutions that are deeply integrated, instead of a collection of point solutions. For partners, that also leads to larger deal sizes, Myers said, as they bring in complementary applications, services and products. He gave the example of adding integrated solutions Tanium, Proofpoint, Splunk or VMware to a Palo Alto Networks solution.


Automation is also a key capability for next-generation security partners, Myers said. He said the security partner of the future would need to be "an expert at enhancing and integrated and automated security platform that empowers innovation and delivers business gains." These capabilities help customers work how and where they want to work, on any device or location, something that Myers said is only made possible if the company's IT infrastructure is made secure.

Emerging Technologies

Leveraging integrations, partners can expand their platform ecosystem foundation with emerging technologies, Myers said. He said Palo Alto Networks, for one, is working to incent its partners to "hunt new business and embrace new technologies" to round out their portfolio, including around endpoint, application security and threat intelligence.

Revenue Mix

Myers said partners should optimize their revenue mix, providing hardware, software and services. That includes pre-sales professional services, including what Myers said is a particularly ripe opportunity around professional services risk assessments, though he said post-sales professional services are also important.

Provide Purchasing Options

Finally, Myers said next-generation security partners would offer a variety of security delivery options for customers, including managed services and cloud services. He said Palo Alto Networks is investing there for its partners, including rolling out a new, invitation-only Managed Security Service Provider Specialization and a Cloud Security Service Provider Specialization .