Q&A: Why Non-Security Vendors Think They Can Win The Security Platform Push

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What are the opportunities to continue building on this platform?

Bain: It comes down to: What technologies do I have in place? How am I leveraging them? How are they integrated? How am I correlating that information so it is actionable across all these use cases? ... For us too, the partnership here is really a force multiplier for adding more use cases down the road. There are use cases that I guarantee we haven't even thought of yet.

Testoni: I would only add to that is looking in the future to unify data sets on a platform to be leveraged by a variety of capabilities. Then, there's also the possibility of open source. Today, the cyber world is often about who is attacking us? Where are the threats coming from? But, in the future can we start to look out into the open source and see activities that might drive to the next layer or the next set of threats? ... Unifying these capabilities on a platform like ours offers more potential to do those kinds of things … It offers a lot going downstream in the future for companies like CounterTack and others.

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