Emerging Vendors 2017: Security Startups You Need To Know

The Next Generation Of Security Leaders

From ransomware to the theft of sensitive data to DDoS attacks, the range of IT security threats seems to expand every day. And as the number of security threats grow, so too does the number of startups with innovative security technologies to help IT operations protect against those threats.

As part of CRN's 2017 Emerging Vendors list, here are 45 hot security startups, all founded in 2011 or later, that solution providers should be aware of.

Aperio Systems

Founded: 2016

Top Executive: Yevgeni Nogin, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=68

Aperio Systems addresses a huge cybersecurity gap, securing critical control systems with a last line of defense against data forgery where hackers trick operators into thinking everything is fine, when in fact there's an attack under way. Using dynamic system statistical physics, Aperio detects and corrects fake and manipulated physical sensor data.

Aqua Security

Founded: 2015

Top Executive: Dror Davidoff, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=69

Aqua Security enables enterprises to secure their virtual container environments, from development to production, accelerating container adoption and bridging the gap between DevOps and IT security. Integrated with container life-cycle and orchestration tools, the Aqua platform provides transparent, automated security while helping to enforce policies and simplify regulatory compliance.

Attivo Networks

Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Tushar Kothari, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=70

Attivo Networks provides detection, analysis and automated response to in-network threats. The Attivo Deception and Response Platform detects advanced, stolen credential, insider and ransomware attacks within user networks, data centers, cloud and specialty environments by deceiving attackers into revealing themselves. ThreatOps playbooks and third-party integrations provide accelerated incident response.


Founded: 2015

Top Executive: Ameesh Divatia, Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=71

Baffle delivers an encryption service that protects database contents at a column-level granularity. It is easy to integrate into existing enterprise workflows as there is no change required to applications, and all queries are executed in the database on AES-encrypted data.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Nat Kausik, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=72

Bitglass is a cloud access security broker (CASB) that allows organizations to safely adopt cloud-based applications such as G Suite, AWS, Microsoft Office 365, Box, Slack, Salesforce and more by protecting corporate data at access. The complete Bitglass data protection suite provides end-to-end security and visibility for corporate data.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Eric Tilenius, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=73

BlueTalon unifies access controls and data protection across Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, SQL and big data systems. The BlueTalon data-centric security platform eliminates security blind spots, empowers businesses to precisely control and monitor who can access what data, and simplifies regulatory compliance.


Founded: 2015

Top Executive: Kris Lovejoy, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=74

BluVector helps security teams respond to malicious threats up to 80 percent faster than traditional approaches. As a leader in network security monitoring and analytics, BluVector applies supervised machine learning and automation so security teams can detect and respond to advanced security threats at digital speed.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Amir Zilberstein, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=75

Claroty's mission is to secure and optimize the industrial control networks that run the world's most critical infrastructure. The Claroty Platform enables organizations in the consumer products/manufacturing, energy and chemical sectors to reap the benefits of increasingly networked control systems without compromising operational resiliency or the security of core assets.


Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Debasish Pramanik, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=76

CloudCodes' cloud security software secures cloud applications for enterprises using single sign-on, identity access management and cloud access security broker technologies.

Contextual Security Solutions

Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Rick Merwin, Co-Founder, Principal Consultant

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=77

Contextual Security Solutions offers comprehensive IT security services including PCI and HIPAA compliance, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and security assessments.

Contrast Security

Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Alan Naumann, President, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=78

Contrast Security develops self-protecting application security software that quickly and accurately stops hackers from stealing data via applications. Its technology employs patented, deep security instrumentation to strengthen applications in development, defending them in production and securing them throughout the application life cycle. Organizations can act more quickly and immediately improve the security of their enterprise.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Victor Dellovo, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=79

CSPi delivers a portfolio of security products, consulting solutions and services singularly focused on securing customers' critical personally identifiable information (PII) data from cyberattacks while meeting compliance requirements. Customers worldwide range from SMBs to enterprise businesses in a mix of industries including financial, retail, higher education, government and retail.


Founded: 2015

Top Executive: Adi Dar, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=80

Cyberbit, a wholly owned subsidiary of leading defense system provider Elbit Systems, is one of Israel's largest cybersecurity companies, providing an advanced product portfolio that protects enterprises and public sector organizations across Asia, Europe and the U.S.


Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Lior Div, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=81

Cybereason offers endpoint detection and response, next-generation antivirus and managed monitoring services. Founded by elite intelligence professionals born and bred in offense-first hunting, Cybereason gives enterprises the upper hand over cyber adversaries. The Cybereason platform detects behavioral patterns across every endpoint and surfaces malicious operations in a user-friendly interface.


Founded: 2015

Top Executive: Ernesto DiGiambattista, Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=82

Cybric delivers a continuous Security-as-a-Service platform that enables enterprises to integrate security into the application delivery process without impacting production. Its patent-pending technology rapidly orchestrates exact replicas of application environments and scans for security vulnerabilities by containerizing and automating security solutions.


Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Stuart McClure, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=83

Cylance applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to cybersecurity to improve the way companies, governments and end users proactively solve the world's most difficult security problems. Cylance quickly and accurately identifies what is safe and what is a threat.

Dome9 Security

Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Zohar Alon, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=84

Dome9 delivers verifiable cloud infrastructure security and compliance to enterprises across every public cloud. Using the Dome9 Arc SaaS platform, organizations can visualize assets in the cloud environment, assess the security posture, detect and fix misconfigurations, actively protect against vulnerabilities and attacks, and conform to security best practices.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Roy Katmor, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=85

enSilo offers a comprehensive endpoint security platform that combines next-generation antivirus technology with post-infection data protection capabilities that automatically respond to and defeat the most complex infections. The platform makes incident response automatic and provides post-infection protection that prevents data theft or ransom even on compromised endpoints.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Nir Polak, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=86

Exabeam provides an advanced security intelligence platform that helps companies detect, analyze and respond to modern cyberthreats. The Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform uniquely combines unlimited data collection at a predictable price, machine learning for advanced analytics, and automated incident response into an integrated set of products.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Janssen J. Liston, SVP, Sales

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=87

FinalCode makes implementing enterprise-grade file encryption and granular usage control easy, manageable and in a way that provides persistent protection of files wherever they go. By providing file security management, not file storage, distribution or content management, FinalCode allows for rapid and flexible deployment.


Founded: 2015

Top Executive: Guy Guzner, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=88

Fireglass allows users to "click with confidence" by eliminating malware and phishing from web content and email without an endpoint agent. On July 6 Fireglass agreed to be acquired by Symantec, a deal the two companies expect to complete this quarter.


Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Idan Tendler, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=89

Fortscale's user behavior analytics technology provides the intelligence needed to detect risks posed by inside employees and entities. Combining predictive, big data analytics and advanced machine learning, the Fortscale User and Entity Behavior Analytics engine can be deployed as a stand-along system within security operations centers or embedded in security infrastructure systems.

FourV Systems

Founded: 2015

Top Executive: Derek Gabbard, President

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=90

FourV empowers IT security leaders with business intelligence for security operations, turning cybersecurity data into strategic action. The primary differentiator of the company's technology is its mathematical model that rationalizes disparate vendor security data.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Pavel Gurvich, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=91

GuardiCore is a leader in data center and cloud security focused on delivering more accurate and effective ways to stop advanced threats through real-time breach detection and response. Developed by top cybersecurity experts, GuardiCore is changing the way organizations are fighting cyberattacks in their data centers.

ID Agent

Founded: 2015

Top Executive: Kevin Lancaster, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=92

ID Agent's Dark Web ID provides an automated alerting platform that allows MSPs to identify and stay on top of their SMB clients' credential (email/password) exposures. Dark Web ID is used by MSPs to cost-effectively differentiate their capabilities and increase their security services and monthly recurring revenue.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Eyal Benishti, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=93

Ironscales is a leader in anti-email-phishing technologies. Using a multi-layered and automated approach to prevent, detect and respond to sophisticated email phishing attacks, Ironscales expedites the time from phishing attack discovery to enterprisewide remediation from months to seconds without heavy security team involvement.


Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Colin Knox, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=94

Passportal simplifies secure password and documentation management for IT professionals. The IT security innovator offers channel partners industrial-strength, fully managed, cloud-based software called Ocular that automates password protection and makes storing, managing and retrieving passwords quick and easy from virtually any connected device.

Phalanx Secure Solutions

Founded: 2016

Top Executive: Matt Johnson, Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=95

Phalanx Secure Solutions is a Security Operations Center-as-a-Service company providing custom SOC services to resellers and MSPs to provide enterprise-level security operation center services to the SMB market.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Ajit Sancheti, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=96

Preempt helps enterprises eliminate insider threats. The Preempt Behavioral Firewall combines user behavior analytics and real-time response to automatically prevent threats and validate actions for business continuity. This proactive approach allows organizations to pree-mpt the real threats and keep business moving without engaging already overwhelmed security teams.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Scott Chasin, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=97

ProtectWise provides a new utility model for enterprise security, delivering pervasive visibility, automated threat detection and unlimited forensic exploration on demand and entirely from the cloud. With ProtectWise, analysts can intuitively interact with petabytes of security data, revolutionizing the way enterprises deal with complex threats.


Founded: 2015

Top Executive: Varun Badhwar, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=98

While Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers secure their physical infrastructure, organizations are still responsible for securing content, applications, systems, networks and users that leverage the IaaS resources. RedLock enables organizations to manage security and compliance risks across public cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Guy Bejerano, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=99

Pioneering the emerging category of breach and attack simulations, SafeBreach's platform provides a "hacker's view" of an enterprise's security posture to proactively predict attacks, validate security controls and improve security operations center analyst response. SafeBreach automatically executes thousands of breach methods from a hacker's playbook of research and real-world investigative data.


Founded: 2015

Top Executive: Chandra Pandey, Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=100

Seceon is singularly focused on enabling organizations to see cyberthreats clearly and quickly, stop threats from inflicting extensive damage through surgical containment and elimination, and predict insider attacks through behavioral threat detection modeling and machine learning.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Tomer Weingarten, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=101

SentinelOne provides next-generation endpoint protection based on machine-learning techniques that analyze inherent behaviors in malware to detect and stop new and advanced threats without relying on traditional signature-based techniques.

Skyhigh Networks

Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Rajiv Gupta, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=102

Skyhigh, a leading cloud access security broker (CASB), acts as a central cloud control point, enabling organizations to enforce security, compliance and governance policies across all cloud services, all users and all devices.


Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Mark Terenzoni, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=103

Sqrrl is the creator of an industry-leading threat hunting platform designed for active detection of advanced threats. Sqrrl's platform catches attacks that traditional detection solutions miss, while still detecting the tactics, techniques and procedures attackers use. It also integrates seamlessly with leading SIEM tools.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Michael Feiertag, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=104

tCell moves application security out of the network for cloud-first organizations. Using in-application instrumentation and cloud-based analytics, tCell secures production applications, enabling organizations to understand, monitor and protect their applications without hardware, code or network changes, regardless of whether enterprise applications are on premise or cloud-based.

Tempered Networks

Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Jeffrey Hussey, President, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=105

Tempered Networks' Identity-Defined Networking fabric helps organizations dynamically connect anything, anywhere -- even private/non-routable resources – across physical, virtual, cloud or cellular networks. Tempered Networks' architecture, based on cryptographic identities, makes networking and security easy, scalable and seamless. Its secure networking platform abolishes complexity and eliminates point-product investments.

The Sixth Flag

Founded: 2015

Top Executive: Pete Kofod, Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=106

The Sixth Flag is a Workspace-as-a-Service firm for global teams and organizations, providing secure, remote desktop management solutions. The company offers a web-based, cost-effective and secure throw-away desktop for today's global, mobile teams. Its cloud-based, HTML-rendered WaaS requires no dedicated hardware, thereby eliminating the need for organizations to spend on capital outlay.


Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Adam Vincent, Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=107

ThreatConnect arms organizations with a powerful defense against cyberthreats and the confidence to make strategic business decisions. Built on an intelligence-driven, extensible security platform, ThreatConnect provides a suite of products designed to meet the threat intelligence aggregation, analysis and automation needs of security teams at any maturity level.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: John Czupak, President, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=108

ThreatQuotient understands that the foundation of intelligence-driven security is people. Its open and extensible threat intelligence platform, ThreatQ, is the cornerstone of threat operations, empowering security teams with the context, customization and prioritization needed to make better decisions, accelerate detection and response, and advance team collaboration.

Trusted Metrics

Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Michael Menefee, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=109

Trusted Metrics is an emerging cloud-based cybersecurity software and services platform developer that provides cybersecurity monitoring, alerting and response solutions to SMBs and service providers. Trusted Metrics delivers a proprietary security operations center platform via white-labeled solution to MSPs already servicing the SMB market.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: James Stickland, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=110

Veridium is a leading provider of end-to-end biometric authentication systems designed to safeguard enterprises' most critical assets. Veridium's solutions help organizations increase security, reduce fraud and cut the costs associated with passwords and traditional multifactor authentication solutions.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Ivan Novikov, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=111

Wallarm is a DevOps-friendly web application firewall (WAF) with hybrid architecture uniquely suited for enterprise and SaaS customers with high-scale systems and cloud applications with extensive access perimeters. The offering adaptively generates security rules, applying machine learning to traffic, and verifies the impact of malicious payloads in real time.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: James Foster, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=112

ZeroFox protects organizations from dynamic security, brand and physical risks across external social and digital channels. Recognized as a digital risk monitoring leader by Forrester Research, ZeroFox's SaaS platform processes millions of posts and profiles daily across LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Pastebin, mobile app stores, deep web, domains and more.