10 Things To Know About Continuum's New Managed Security Offering

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The Next Frontier For MSPs

Continuum has introduced two new managed security offerings that will enable MSPs to protect and respond to emerging cyberthreats facing their SMB customers. 

The tools are intended to help MSPs customize their security toolkit based on the particular types of threats each customer faces and remediate security breaches by leveraging Continuum's around-the-clock security operations center (SOC).

Continuum's Fielder Hiss and Tasos Tsolakis spoke at the Navigate 2017 conference about setting up the new SOC, the importance of reducing the amount of time bad actors are in the customer's system, and a third security offering coming late next year. Here's the rundown on what MSPs can expect from Continuum's Profile & Protect and Detect & Respond offerings.

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