7 Things You Need To Know About Spectre And Meltdown Security Exploits

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AMD Claims "Near Zero Risk" On AMD Processors

Chip manufacturer AMD claims there is a "near zero risk" to AMD processors in regards to Spectre and Meltdown.

In fact, AMD says it has no plans to issue operating system or firmware updates for its processors.

"The security research team identified three variants targeting speculative execution," AMD said in a prepared statement. "The threat and the response to the three variants differ by microprocessor company, and AMD is not susceptible to all three variants. Due to differences in AMD's architecture, we believe there is a near zero risk to AMD processors at this time."

AMD said the three variants are titled: "bounds check bypass, branch target injection and rogue data cache load." AMD said it resolved the bounds check bypass through software and OS updates with "negligible performance impact expected', while the other two variants did not impact the company.

When asked by an analyst about comments from AMD that the issue does not impact that company's processors, Smith responded that the researchers have demonstrated some of the exploits running across a variety of product implementations, both in hardware and software.

Intel, he said, has provided details on what that company is doing.

"It's an industry issue," he said. "And you'll have to ask each participant what their specific mitigation implementations are."

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