9 Steps Intel Recommends To Sidestep Spectre And Meltdown

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spectre, meltdown

Intel: How To Prevent Spectre, Meltdown

Intel is rallying its channel partners against two exploits called Spectre and Meltdown, which became public last week and affect chips from multiple vendors.

The exploits, which account for three variants of a side-channel analysis security issue in server and PC processors, could potentially enable hackers to access protected data.

Intel, for its part, has organized all its recommended mitigation methods into a whitepaper, which the company sent to channel partners this week.

"This white paper may be the first round of information targeting the extremely technical [aspects] so hopefully [Intel] will release more high level information," said Kent Tibbils, vice president of marketing at ASI, Fremont, Calif.

Following are 9 steps the company recommends at the hardware, software and operating system level to help sidestep the Spectre and Meltdown exploits.

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