10 Most Significant Announcements From Fortinet's Accelerate 18 Conference

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More Vendors, More Problems

Businesses increasingly find themselves grappling with a digital attack surface that's both less visible and less controllable, according to John Maddison, Fortinet's senior vice president of products and solutions.

Some companies have attempted to address this by adding a new security vendor for each portion of the digital attack surface, Maddison said. But this just creates complexity, Maddison said, since each security vendor has a different console, form factor and associated orchestration system, meaning the components can't talk with one another.

Instead of attempting to create an end-to-end security platform with different orchestration systems, Maddison urges customers to rely on a single security vendor for an orchestrated end-to-end system, and then connect into different orchestrators available on the network.

Here's a look at ten of the most significant updates to Fortinet's security portfolio highlighted Tuesday during the company's Accelerate 18 global partner and user conference in Las Vegas.

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