6 Things Kaspersky Lab Says It's Doing To Win The Trust Of Its Customers And Partners

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Seeking A Fresh Start  

Kaspersky Lab launched its Global Transparency Initiative in October 2017 following months of pushback over alleged ties to the Russian intelligence services, which the company has vehemently denied.

The initiative will seek to address what trust looks like in the context of information technology, as well as how it can be maintained, Tara Hairston, head of government relations for Kaspersky Lab North America, said last week at the company's Trusted Advisors Summit 2018 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The company announced Tuesday that it plans to move a number of its core processes from Russia to Switzerland, including software assembly, threat detection updates, and customer data storage and processing for most regions. 

While the initiative is in part a direct response to the geopolitical situation involving Kaspersky, Hairston said the efforts are primarily driven by a desire to address the general lack of trust when it comes to IT.

From bug bounties to independent assessments of Kaspersky's internal processes and source code, here's how the company plans to go about rebuilding trust with customers and partners.

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