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5 Big Bets Barracuda Is Making To Become A $1 Billion Vendor

Michael Novinson

From a simplified line card to new business systems to a robust Microsoft relationship, Barracuda President and CEO BJ Jenkins breaks down how the company plans to reach $1 billion in revenue within the next four years.

4. Capitalize On New Channel Leadership

Ezra Hookano (pictured) was the first sales leader at Barracuda during his initial stint with the company in the 2000s and played a big part in getting Barracuda to $500 million in billings after rejoining the company in 2016. Jenkins said Hookano’s decision in June to become SignalWire’s global channel leader was a “natural move” given the number of ex-Barracuda folks there and its focus on the telephonic space.

In response, Barracuda has tapped Sales Vice President, Americas Field Operations Chad Lindsey to serve as the company’s channel chief through at least the end of 2020, and Jenkins said the feedback thus far is that Lindsey is doing a great job. Lindsey has worked deeply with the channel in his nine years at Barracuda, and has done a good job of thinking about how Barracuda can scale its business.

Lindsey has excelled at giving different types of partners a path to grow with Barracuda whether they have a unique business model such as MSP or born-in-the-cloud or a particular vertical focus such as state, local or education, according to Lindsey. Over the past seven years, Jenkins said Barracuda has been focused on building offerings for customers who are considering a move into the public cloud.

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