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6 Execs Reveal The Cloud Security Startups They're Most Excited About

Michael Novinson

CRN asks six cybersecurity technical and research leaders which cloud security startups that believe are delivering the most product innovation.

Up And Comers

Eight cybersecurity technical and research leaders spoke with CRN about which cloud security startup or startups they believe are driving the most significant change.

Some security leaders flagged container security specialists who are focused on securing east-west movement within Kubernetes and defending against internal or lateral attacks. Other praised cloud security startups that are able to scale to meet increased traffic loads thanks to cloud-native design rather than merely repurposing on-premise tools.

Other executives favored startups that use automation to construct security-compliant infrastructure at the operating system (OS) level or analytics to recognize commonalities or patterns around threat data. As part of CRN's Cloud Security Week 2019, here's a look at the cloud security startups that leaders are expecting to make waves in the months and years ahead.

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