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6 Tanium Features And Partnerships Unveiled At Converge 2020

Michael Novinson

From quantifying endpoint risk to debuting a cloud-hosted platform to forging partnerships with some of the most prestigious IT vendors in the world, here’s a look at six interesting things coming out of Tanium Converge 2020.

6. Friendlier User Interface

Feedback from Tanium customers and partners indicated that many struggled with the company’s user interface and had to routinely lean on their technical account managers, Hallenbeck said. Tanium has therefore sought to simplify the user experience by making relevant information more accessible, according to Hallenbeck.

As a result, Hallenbeck said Tanium has simplified deployments and put more information upfront about how the Tanium platform is operating, the current health of the organization’s IT ecosystem, and what action a user should take next to ensuring their systems are working as expected. That’s a dramatic change from the old user interface, which he said needed lots of steps and clicking to make things work.

From initial deployment and updates to general feeding, care and administration, Hallenbeck said the new user interface requires many fewer clicks to get to a variety of different key functions.

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