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6 Tanium Features And Partnerships Unveiled At Converge 2020

Michael Novinson

From quantifying endpoint risk to debuting a cloud-hosted platform to forging partnerships with some of the most prestigious IT vendors in the world, here’s a look at six interesting things coming out of Tanium Converge 2020.

5. Tanium as a Service

The debut of the cloud-hosted Tanium as a Service unified endpoint management and security platform will reduce friction for customers who aren’t looking to add new things into their data center, he said. Traditional deployments could take months due to delays associated with customers needed to find space in their data center with enough power and cooling capacity for the server, Hallenbeck said.

Traditional deployments also have to go through multiple people and teams, while those using virtual infrastructure must have sufficient CPU and memory, which often results in it getting lost in the customer’s internal bureaucracy, Hallenbeck said. But the deployment of Tanium as a Service infrastructure can be automated and allows the customer to be up and running in hours if not minutes.

The company ramped up a team of security personnel and site reliability engineers (SREs) that are conversant in cloud technologies who put in work behind the scenes so that updates can happen in an automated fashion, Hallenbeck said. All Tanium as a Service processes were built to be repeatable, and the team ensured that deployments and security could be delivered in a consistent manner, he said.

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