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8 Top Announcements From The Google Cloud Security Summit

Donna Goodison

‘Every day, every week, there’s something coming up, and it’s to a point where, in fact, many companies — through ransomware or otherwise — are actually almost abdicating their responsibility,’ says Sunil Potti, Google Cloud’s general manager and vice president of cloud security. ‘There’s a meme going around where a CISO is hesitant to spend $1 million on security tools, but writes a check for $10 million for ransomware very quickly.’

Risk Protection Program

Google Cloud will expand the availability of its Risk Protection Program on July 28 to all customers in public preview.

The program is designed to reduce security risk and provides access to an exclusive cyber insurance policy designed exclusively for Google Cloud customers.

“Our commitment to shared fate requires that we help customers build a more comprehensive and efficient risk management program,” Potti said. “With the Risk Protection Program, we are pushing the boundaries of the security capabilities customers should expect a cloud platform to deliver.”

The Risk Protection Program helps customers connect with Google Cloud insurance partners Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) and Munich Re, which have designed a specialized cyber insurance policy exclusively for Google Cloud customers called Cloud Protection +.

Google Cloud customers can use Risk Manager, a diagnostic tool in preview that scans their workloads on Google Cloud and provides reports of proactive security recommendations to minimize misconfigurations. Customers can send the reports to AGCS and Munich Re, which can leverage them to assess the customers’ security postures and underwriting eligibility for Cloud Protection +.

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