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8 Top Announcements From The Google Cloud Security Summit

Donna Goodison

‘Every day, every week, there’s something coming up, and it’s to a point where, in fact, many companies — through ransomware or otherwise — are actually almost abdicating their responsibility,’ says Sunil Potti, Google Cloud’s general manager and vice president of cloud security. ‘There’s a meme going around where a CISO is hesitant to spend $1 million on security tools, but writes a check for $10 million for ransomware very quickly.’

Secure Application Access Anywhere

The Secure Application Access Anywhere offering is a container-based solution for secure application access and monitoring that can serve as a scalable, highly responsive alternative to government network boundary systems.

The offering, which is being delivered in partnership with Palo Alto Networks and Google Cloud’s professional services organization, leverages Google Cloud’s hybrid and multi-cloud Anthos platform to deploy and manage containers that provide secure access and monitoring for applications in cloud or on-premises environments.

“This is highly differentiated from network boundary-type constraints of internet access point control, controlled access points...anywhere where we’re trying to use a network boundaries structure to do this,” Daniels said. “The weaknesses of that got pointed out during the pandemic just from a capability and throughput type standpoint. The thing that changed really for government, particularly for federal government, is it was a lot different to truly work from home versus being connected a little bit with respect to email.”

A recent successful prototype of the solution, deployed by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), helped accelerate its zero-trust journey by providing fast, secure and controlled access by users to SaaS apps directly over the internet, according to Google Cloud. The DIU is a U.S. Department of Defense organization that helps the U.S. military make faster use of emerging commercial technologies.

“This started really pre-pandemic, but the timing was absolutely spot on in the sense that they were exploring alternatives to this cap system with respect to access, and we completed that prototype with a success letter from the DIU just recently,” Daniels said.

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