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Huntress CEO Kyle Hanslovan To MSPs On Kaseya Ransomware Attack: ‘Get It Together Or Go Out Of Business’

Steven Burke

Kyle Hanslovan, the co-founder and CEO of Huntress, the threat detection provider that has played a key role in alerting MSPs to the REvil ransomware attack on Kaseya, says the time has come for MSP vendors and MSPs to ‘get it together or go out of business.’

How much work has Huntress done here since your team sprung into action on Friday afternoon?

The three things we have been laser-focused on are: how do we detect and respond to this incident--and most importantly, how do we help our MSP clients recover from this incident? Detect, respond and recover is what we have been focused on. Our team has been great. Internally the amount of things our security researchers have discovered that have made a big impact is huge. The amount of intelligence that MSPs provided Huntress that enabled us to educate the whole community was pivotal.

How did the MSP community as a whole respond to this?

There was a rallying of MSPs offering to help those MSPs that were compromised by the ransomware attack. We were the middlemen in that. We connected those that had technicians that could help with those that were compromised and needed those technicians. Our role was important but without the community stepping up and helping each other it would have been rough.

How many MSPs sent technicians to their brethren?

Seventy MSPs volunteered to help. We connected probably about a dozen to help those that were compromised. Capacity was a problem for some MSPs who did not have enough technicians to restore all their clients. We found people that had the extra technicians and connected them with people who needed their help.

How did that feel to help make that happen?

It was super-fulfilling. The MSP community came together. MSPs could have taken a competitive stand and said – ‘Let ’em burn - that is my competitor.’ But instead of kicking them while they were down, they pulled them up. That is awesome!

I think it shows the camaraderie of the MSP community. It shows we are stronger than just individuals. We are a community. That is why Huntress calls our partners - partners. We couldn’t do it without them. They couldn’t do it without us.

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