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Huntress CEO Kyle Hanslovan To MSPs On Kaseya Ransomware Attack: ‘Get It Together Or Go Out Of Business’

Steven Burke

Kyle Hanslovan, the co-founder and CEO of Huntress, the threat detection provider that has played a key role in alerting MSPs to the REvil ransomware attack on Kaseya, says the time has come for MSP vendors and MSPs to ‘get it together or go out of business.’

What is the message to the general MSP community on this moment of reckoning?

The thing that needs to be said is: Get it together or go out of business. That extends to MSP vendors as well – not just MSPs.

Has Kaseya not done the best job in terms of security?

Historically, no. They have come a long way with the way that they are handling this. But this is about the whole community. It is really easy to single out Kaseya because it is right there in front of us. But I can list for you a half dozen MSP vendors that this has happened to in the last two years, and it has been the same story.

It is about code quality and not taking quality assurance seriously, not taking bug reports seriously. That is why I said, ‘Get it together or go out of business’ -- that refers to not only MSPs but also for vendors.

Put this MSP ransomware attack into perspective for us. What does it mean?

I am not aware of a ransomware incident larger than this one to date. This is by far the worst ransomware attack ever. Left unchecked, the worst is yet to come.

To be honest the Microsoft Exchange vulnerability we saw [in March] was only used to create backdoors. That was a worse event than this with more businesses total compromised. But they didn’t use it for ransomware. There are other avenues that could have made this worse.

We called Kaseya within 30 minutes of this happening and they proactively shut down all of their servers. Imagine if instead of it being 30 MSPs, it was 17,000 MSPs. That is what I am talking about. Left unchecked, the worst is yet to come.

Steven Burke

Steve Burke has been reporting on the technology industry and sales channel for over 30 years. He is passionate about the role of partners using technology to solve business problems and has spoken at conferences on channel sales issues. He can be reached at

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