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The 10 Biggest Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019

Michael Novinson

1. Nation-State Attacks Will Go After Infrastructure, Result In False Attribution

No cyber norms have found significant agreement among nation-states except for an emerging consensus to not conduct cyber-enabled theft of IP to provide commercial advantage, FireEye said. And while the U.S. has yet to experience a highly-damaging attack on critical infrastructure, the things holding Russia, China, North Korea and Iran back could shift, said Nozomi Networks Advisor Suzanne Spaulding.

Because security has not been built into established industries like utilities, these sectors are an easy target across the globe and a prime mark for attackers looking to engage in cyber warfare, ThreatX said. And threat actors could use the fear and confusion caused by a coordinated cyber attack to siphon off huge sums of money and disappear without a trace, according to WatchGuard Technologies.

Not only will major nations increase attacks focused on taking out pieces of a country's infrastructure, but one of these attacks will be falsely attributed, causing extreme disruption, said Brian NeSmith, CEO and co-founder of Arctic Wolf Networks. And as the United States relies more on tools like sanctions or indictments, Spaulding said America will be less hesitant and more aggressive in calling out attackers.

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