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The 10 Hottest XDR Security Companies To Watch In 2022

Michael Novinson

From blocking endpoint attacks used by sophisticated nation-state and criminal adversaries to integrating with non-endpoint data sources, here are 10 vendors vying for XDR security dominance.

Thwarting Attacks With Confidence

Extended detection and response (XDR) is an early-stage market, and XDR products currently on the market have disparate feature sets based on their maturity, native portfolio, and vision for the Security Operations Center (SOC), according to Forrester. Mature providers offer native, cross-telemetry detection and investigation, but may have limited response ability and no orchestration capabilities.

Sophisticated XDR vendor combine the best elements of their portfolios, including industry-leading products, to simplify incident response and build targeted, highly effective detection mechanisms, Forrester said. In contrast, Forrester said less mature providers use XDR as a unifying layer for their portfolio, adding little value to users and organizations.

Vendors in between have emerging and native and hybrid XDR features but are still very early stage and most highlight their endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities, Forrester found. But many of the vendors with nascent XDR capabilities have aggressive roadmaps fueled by acquisitions and a heavy focus on research and development to get them up to speed in the next year, according to Forrester.

From dramatically reducing alerts and improving the productivity of security teams to blocking endpoint attacks used by sophisticated nation-state and criminal adversaries and integrating with non-endpoint data sources, here’s a look at 10 cybersecurity vendors who are far along the path of delivering the vision of XDR.

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