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The 10 Hottest Zero-Trust Vendors To Watch In 2021

Michael Novinson

From scrutinizing users and forsaking VPN to embracing micro-segmentation and authentication throughout the network, here’s a look at 10 zero-trust vendors fighting for the dominant position in this booming market.


Guardicore Centra classifies assets and maps application dependencies that are critical to creating segmentation policy for zero trust micro-perimeters. It also provides micro-segmentation and breach detection capabilities to prevent the spread of breaches and detect them faster.

Applying a zero-trust approach to segmentation of the network and critical assets with Guardicore Centra reduces the scope of compliance initiatives such as PCI, DSS, and SWIFT, according to the company. Guardicore provides real-time and historical maps to identify sensitive connections and flows across any infrastructure, allowing customers to fully understand application dependencies.

The company provides a software-defined segmentation offering that is decoupled from the network, allows segmentation down to the application level and ensuring policies follow the workload across any infrastructure. Guardicore provides methods to detect malicious behavior, including dynamic deception to analyze malicious lateral movement, and reputation analysis to detect malicious processes and traffic.

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