The 20 Coolest Identity Access Management And Data Protection Companies Of 2020: The Security 100

Part five of CRN's 2020 Security 100 highlights 20 identity access management and data protection companies that provide everything from privileged credential management to dark web monitoring to password reuse protection.

Reinforcing The Walls

Cloud computing and an increase in the adoption of digital transformation have driven the demand for efficient information management and led to increased data management concerns. These identity access management and data protection companies provide everything from privileged credential management to dark web monitoring to password reuse protection.

Four vendors on CRN's annual Security 100 list secured at least six figures over the past year, with OneLogin kicking it off in January with a $100 million round, Auth0 raising $103 million in May in another round led by Sapphire Ventures, Druva raising $130 million in a June round led by Viking Global Investors, and BigID raising $50 million of funds in September and another $50 million in January.

These 20 identity access management and data protection companies provide everything from privileged credential management to dark web monitoring to password reuse protection.


Eugenio Pace

Co-Founder, CEO

Auth0 announced the general availability of its integration for Sign in with Apple, a feature enabling end users to log into apps with their Apple ID credentials since the sign in with Apple rule is now effective. Its Auth0 Explorer experimental research tool will allow app developers to navigate the design of identity authentication architecture.


Matt Dircks


BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access Allowes customers to manage privileged credentials and sessions plus secure vendor access from a single SaaS solution. DevOps Secrets Safe helps organizations store, access and audit secret and privileged credentials used by applications, tools and other non-human identities.


Dimitri Sirota

Co-Founder, CEO

BigID introduced third-party data sharing privacy compliance capabilities that let enterprises discover, document and report on third-party data sharing and enforce “opt-out” policies. The BigID data discovery for data pipelines allows for the scanning of data at rest and in motion for sensitive personal information to meet privacy rules.


Udi Mokady

Founder, Chairman, CEO

CyberArk unveiled privileged access security tools to expand its remote vendor and just-intime access capabilities to maximize risk reduction and deliver faster time to value. The company also unveiled just-in-time access capabilities that help reduce risk and improve operational efficiency as organizations implement broader least privilege strategies.


Jaspreet Singh

Founder, CEO

The acquisition of CloudLanes brought enterprises the ability to keep data readily available on-site while leveraging SaaS-based business continuity, short recovery windows and greater workload mobility. The company also debuted new capabilities for cloud workloads, strategic integrations and automated functionality.


Matthew Moynahan


Forcepoint’s Converged Security Platform helps accelerate the digital transformation journey by enabling the secure migration of data, application and business operations to the cloud. Forcepoint Web Security was made available across 160 public points of presence in 128 countries to help expand its global cloud footprint.


Fran Rosch


ForgeRock Identity Cloud provides capabilities for any identity requirements so customers can consume the tool in any deployment model: on-premises, hybrid cloud, public cloud or as a service. ForgeRock and Accenture collaborated to improve identity management and governance using AI and machine learning.

ID Agent

Kevin Lancaster


The acquisition by Kaseya will allow ID Agent to extend its dark web monitoring, phishing simulation and security awareness training capabilities to its MSP and IT department customers. The company’s offering for monitoring for stolen credentials is also combined with security awareness and training for employees.


Robert Prigge


The Jumio Go fully automated identity verification tool can spot deepfakes, bots and sophisticated spoofing attacks with certified liveness detection. Jumio Identity Verification received speed, accuracy and user experience enhancements through innovations in AI, optical character recognition and leading-edge biometrics.

Micro Focus

Stephen Murdoch


Micro Focus AD Bridge 1.0 lets IT administrators more easily leverage existing investments in Active Directory to better manage and secure their Linux resources. Updates offer IT administrators the ability to extend Active Directory controls from on-premises resources—including Windows and Linux devices—to the cloud.


Satya Nadella


Microsoft teamed up with colleges to help students prepare for the jobs of tomorrow with in-demand technologies in fields like AI, computer science, cybersecurity and data science. Microsoft helps protect people against cyberthreats with built-in automation and intelligence, empowering a team against emergent cyberthreats.


Todd McKinnon

Co-Founder, CEO

Okta Advanced Server Access manages and secures access to servers as its first attempt to extend its identity capabilities from SaaS and custom applications down the stack to infrastructure. Okta DynamicScale made it easier for large companies to authenticate the traffic generated by immersive digital experiences through a single product.

One Identity

Jeff Hawn

Chairman, CEO

New certifications for One Identity Manager let organizations securely achieve identity governance and administration objectives optimized for their ecosystem. The company extended Active Directory-centered provisioning and deprovisioning to several cloud-based applications, including Salesforce, Google, ServiceNow and Workday.


Brad Brooks

President, CEO

Shield protects enterprises against password reuse, identity reuse, insecure password practices and phishing, addressing the top source of data breaches. The Trusted Experience Platform leverages OneLogin’s investment and expertise in AI, seamlessly managing all of an enterprise customer’s digital identities for its workforce and customers.


Kabir Barday


OneTrust GRC integrates and expands its privacy, security and third-party risk platform to connect departments, streamline audits and implement dynamic business controls. OneTrust Cookie Auto-Blocking automatically scans, finds and blocks all tracking technologies on a website until the visitor provides consent.

Ping Identity

Andre Durand


Ping ID supports FIDO-compliant biometric authenticators and security keys via new intelligence capabilities to evaluate user and device risk. PingCloud Private Tenant simplifies identity management, minimizes cost and provides versatility for hybrid IT environments by combining configurable capabilities in a dedicated environment.


Mark McClain

Co-Founder, CEO

Updates to IdentityNow and IdentityIQ let identity teams embrace an AI-driven approach to identity governance that is autonomous and predictive. Purchasing OverWatchID and Orkus should help the company detect potential anomalies in the cloud, enforce access policies and maintain compliance across all infrastructures.

Thales Group

Patrice Caine

Chairman, CEO

The PayShield 10K next-generation payment hardware security module simplifies compliance, improves operational efficiency and offers stronger tamper protection. The Gemalto Digital ID Wallet provides effortless proof of identity and rights by enabling citizens to access their official documents on a single and highly secure platform.


Chris Babel


TrustArc revolutionized the process for creating and managing a centralized data inventory and data flow maps, helping companies understand how customer and employee data is used and where it resides. The acquisition of Nymity’s privacy research capabilities will accelerate the development of new privacy offerings.


Yaki Faitelson

Co-Founder, Chairman, President, CEO

The Varonis Certified Administrator Training Program and the Varonis Elite Program help customers use the platform to its fullest potential. The company also launched data classification capabilities that automatically discover and classify CCPA-affected data, fulfill data subject access requests, and get ready for the CCPA.