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The 20 Hottest Cybersecurity Products At Black Hat 2021

Michael Novinson

From protecting containers and cloud-native workloads against common threats to simplifying the process of hunting and mitigating external threats to automating incident investigations with actionable insight, here’s a look at the 20 hottest cybersecurity products unleashed at Black Hat 2021.

Traceable Free API Security Solution

Traceable’s free API security offering enables developers and security operations teams to improve the API security of their applications without the holdup of budgetary approval for costly technology. The company said its enterprise-grade API offering provides visibility, protection and analytical insight to help organizations manage their API security risks.

Powered by its distributed tracing and unsupervised machine learning technologies, Traceable AI addresses API security by learning the application context and normal behaviors. Deep API insight and machine learning-enhanced anomaly detection enable the Traceable AI Free tier offering to detect and block known and unknown threats with no signature tuning and minimal false positives, according to the company.

The free version of Traceable API includes continuous discovery and inventory of all APIs; real-time, automatic API documentation; insight into API runtime behavior; continuously updated API risk scores; API and web application protection; vulnerability detection of API misconfigurations; performance metrics for establishing normal versus abnormal behavior; as well as the ability to block threats.

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