HP Vs. Dell For 3PAR: Winners, Losers, No-Shows

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If Dell Gets 3PAR, Dell Could Lose

HP's bid for 3PAR now stands at about $1.6 billion in cash. If Dell, as expected, raises its bid, it will have to dig even deeper into a cash hoard that is smaller than that of HP.

As of late July, Dell had $11.7 billion in cash and cash equivalents compared to $14.7 million for HP.

3PAR certainly has big plans. 3PAR expects its fiscal 2013 revenue to be about $401.8 million, up substantially from the revenue of $240.1 million it reported for fiscal 2011, which ended March 31. 3PAR also expects earnings to reach $32.7 million by fiscal 2013, up considerably from its loss of $1.6 million in fiscal 2011.

Even so, is it worth a price that could approach $2 billion?

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