HP Vs. Dell For 3PAR: Winners, Losers, No-Shows

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Lots Of Questions, No Easy Answers

Dell's surprise $1.15 billion bid for storage virtualization vendor 3PAR, followed one week later by HP's $1.6 billion bid for 3PAR, looks a lot like a bidding war over a vendor with a unique piece of storage technology.

But it's not. Instead, it's a war over the future of storage as the industry's top vendors look to grab key technologies that will give them the ability to meet customers' requirements for virtualization, data security, and cloud computing.

But the war is raising some important questions about the state of storage, including:

-- Is HP or Dell paying too much for 3PAR? -- How would winning or losing the bid affect each company? -- How would it impact competitors and partners?

UPDATE: 3PAR on Aug. 26 accepted a new, revised offer from Dell for about $1.6 billion.


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