12 New Flash Memory, SSD Devices Provide Diversity

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Wide Range Of SSDs, Flash Memory Devices For Any Task

Not so long ago, the addition of a simple SSD to a storage array or notebook PC was all that was needed to increase storage performance.

That is no longer the case. Storage vendors have developed a widely diverse range of solutions featuring SSDs and Flash memory modules that can be applied in different parts of the server-storage infrastructure. These include add-on SSDs for arrays, PCIe-based Flash memory modules for servers, SSD-based cache devices sitting between servers and storage, and even all-SSD or all-Flash arrays for extreme performance with no room for traditional spinning hard drives.

CRN has brought together information on 12 new products introduced in the second half of 2011 that illustrate the diversity of solutions for improving storage performance. Continue on and start thinking about what might work for your customers.

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