8 Surprising Disaster Recovery Stats

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Human Error The Top Cause Of Data Center Downtime

Acronis, working with the Ponemon Institute, late last year surveyed 6,000 IT practitioners and found that 86 percent of companies experienced one or more instances of system downtime in the previous 12 months. Those downtimes lasted 2.2 days on the average and cost each business an average of $366,363 a year.

Onsite disasters such as a fire or explosion was a factor in only 26 percent of system down times, while natural disasters such as earthquakes were a factor in only 10 percent. This compares to 60 percent caused by human error, 56 percent by unexpected updates and patches, 44 percent by server room environment issues and 29 percent by power outages.

CRN Channel Takeaway: Disaster recovery is not just for the big, headline-grabbing disasters but instead is urgently needed for all the little disasters waiting to happen.


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