The History Of The Hard Drive And Its Future

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2000: SATA Standard Developed

An industry-wide organization called the SATA Working Group first formed in 2000 to develop specifications for a new storage standard, SATA (serial ATA).

SATA was developed to replace the ATA (also known as parallel ATA, or PATA) standard that had been used for hard drives and other storage devices for years. Compared to PATA, SATA featured higher performance, thinner cables, and smaller components, and added such capabilities as hot plug and the ability to connect to more than two devices.

The official SATA standard was introduced in 2003. A higher-performance version of SATA featuring 3.0 Gbits per second, or double the original specification, was introduced in 2005.

SATA is currently the standard employed in nearly all low-cost, high-capacity hard drives.


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