The 10 Biggest Storage Stories Of 2012

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1. The Public Storage Cloud Starts To Grow Up

While traditional storage vendors jostled for attention as the supplier of the best platform on which to base public or private storage clouds, Amazon Web Services made significant upgrades to its ability to provide storage as a service:

* AWS in August introduced Glacier, a service focused on long-term data retention. Data in Glacier can be stored for as little as 1 cent per GB per month, but access to that data is slow, and there are penalties for deleting it quickly or accessing more than 5 percent of it.

* At the other extreme was AWS's new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instance called High I/O, which provides an SSD front-end to the AWS service for applications requiring high-speed, low-latency access to data in the cloud.

* AWS and NetApp partnered to make NetApp storage arrays inside Amazon-certified co-lo centers work with EC2 and S3 services via AWS Direct Connect.


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