The 10 Biggest Storage Stories Of 2012

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2. Flash Showed It Wasn't A Flash In The Pan

The storage industry's use of flash memory advanced significantly in 2012, as all the major and many of the secondary vendors unveiled their strategies and products. The years also saw a staggering array of new options for using flash memory to increase storage performance, including:

* Several startup vendors introduced all-flash storage arrays in which the hard drives have been replaced by either SSDs or flash memory modules for ultra-high-performance applications.

* PCIe flash modules for servers, which were introduced last year as a way to increase application performance, got a big boost from a couple of vendors that introduced ways to tie modules from multiple servers to share the cache and applications.

* Network-based flash-based cache devices, which allow multiple servers or storage devices to share flash-based storage across a LAN, also hit the market.

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