10 Storage Predictions For 2013

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Traditional Storage Approaches A Plateau

Customers in 2013 will question the need for more storage capacity as new technologies aimed at sucking data out of local data centers take hold, including:

* The Cloud -- Perfect for storing either transitory data that can be processed and then tossed, or archived data that grows even though it will likely never be accessed.

* Data squeezing technologies -- Whether purchased with hardware or software, and regardless of whether a separate license is required, storage features, such as deduplication, auto replication, thin provisioning and auto-tiering, will put data where it belongs, kill the uninteresting bits and bytes, and add a layer of intelligence and protection.

While total storage capacity sold will likely rise in 2013 -- just think of all that surveillance or medical data being collected -- it will be mainly from aggressive cloud storage provider expansion, while typical business users may throttle back their capacity requirements.


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