Mother's Day Gift Guide: 25 Great Tech Gift Ideas For Mom
Sunday is Mother's Day, but there's no need to panic if you haven't gotten a gift for mom. CRN has compiled a list of 25 great gizmos and gadgets.
Atrion Networking CEO: 7 Tips For Aspiring and Established Entrepreneurs
Atrion Networking CEO Tim Hebert attributes his achievements to the valuable lessons he has learned in business and in life. Here are his seven tips for aspiring and established entrepreneurs.
How To Repair The Internet Explorer Security Bug
The recent Internet Explorer vulnerability targets financial and defense organizations, yet the media focuses on Microsoft's repair to retired Windows XP. Here's how you can fix it.
30 Notable IT Executive Moves: April 2014
April was showered with plenty of high-profile executive moves, including management shakeups at NetApp and more departures from Juniper Networks.
10 Questions For Insight's CEO And CFO
Insight CEO Ken Lamneck and CFO Glynis Bryan caught up with CRN after their first-quarter earnings call to chat about what's driving demand, hardware sales, cloud growth, Chromebooks, XP expiration and more.
6 Takeaways From Enterprise IT Survey About The Cloud
The cloud price wars are not simply about vying for an existing base of customers, but also expanding the market to bring more enterprises into the cloud. Here are six key points from a recent survey.
HP CTO Martin Fink: 12 Reasons Cisco's Intercloud Is A Bad Bet
HP Chief Technology Officer Martin Fink spoke with CRN about Cisco's soon-to-be-released Intercloud offering and the underlying technology challenges the networking market leader faces in the cloud market. Here are 12 reasons why he sees Cisco's Intercloud failing to measure up to HP's cloud offering, which has been available for two years.
Top 10 Twitter Posts Of The Week
For the week ending May 2, CRN looks at the top tweets from the high-profile players in tech, including Michael Dell, Cisco's Padmasree Warrior and more.
5 Companies That Came To Win This Week
For the week ending May 2, CRN takes a look at the companies that brought their "A" game to the channel.
Behind The Blackphone: The Future Of Mobile Security?
CRN speaks with Blackphone CEO Toby Weir-Jones on the new completely encrypted smartphone, set to debut this summer.
5 Companies That Had A Rough Week
For the week ending May 2, CRN looks at IT companies that were unfortunate, unsuccessful or just didn't make good decisions.
10 Hot Emerging Vendors For May
This month's crop of young companies includes startups developing advanced big data analytics software, tools for building data-driven applications, WAN and cloud security software, next-gen marketing automation applications, and more.
Cisco Partner Survey: Data Center Hot, WAN Op Not (And Other Interesting Findings)
A Cisco partner survey from research firm Baird Equity gives a glimpse into what Cisco products are selling well, which aren't, and why SDN is still viewed by some partners as 'mostly marketing hype.' Here are 10 stand-out findings.
The Five Best-Selling Smartphone Brands Of The First Quarter
Samsung crushed the competition again in the first quarter, while Apple broke a record despite not releasing a new product in seven months.
Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs. HTC One M8
The HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 are two Android smartphones with features not found anywhere else. Here's a head-to-head comparison.
10 Boutique System Builders And Their Hot-Rod PCs
Power desktop systems are booming right now. These incredibly expensive performance desktops are designed to deliver benchmark-bending performance. Here are 10 top high-end performance system builders.
Top 10 Best-Selling Tablet Brands Of 2013
Android's tablet invasion punished the iPad last year, as Google stole double-digit market share from Apple. Here are the top 10 best-selling tablets of 2013, according to data from NPD Group.
10 Signs Apple Has Hit An Innovation Wall
Apple has been churning out impressive revenue and earnings as usual. But the company's recent product track record has some wondering if it has plateaued since the passing of Steve Jobs in 2011.
The Top 20 Most Innovative Midmarket CIOs
XChange Events and the Midsize Enterprise Summit's Top 20 Most Innovative Midmarket CIOs puts a spotlight on the elite IT leaders that use technology to drive one of the most important segments in today's market.
8 Things That Jumped Out During Microsoft's Third-Quarter Earnings Call
In his first earnings call as Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella made it clear that he plans to analyze the company's many businesses and that he has a plan for the future that's different from the one his predecessor charted.
Follow The Money: 10 VC Investments to Watch In April
April brought in venture capital investments in the Internet of Things, applications, software delivery, business intelligence and more. Take a look at 10 CRN favorites from the past month.
Acquisition Overload: 10 Acquisitions From The Channel's 2014 Spending Spree
Following up on Dimension Data's blockbuster Nexus acquisition, CRN takes a look back at 10 of the recent big solution provider acquisitions in the channel.
Head-to-Head: HTC One M8 vs. Apple iPhone 5s
The new HTC One M8 is the latest Android smartphone looking to take a bite out of the Apple iPhone 5s. Here's a head-to-head comparison between the two devices.
10 Ways Hackers Will Get The Best Of You
An analysis of data breaches and security incidents provides insight into the top ways hackers can get the best of you and your business. Here are 10 of the most common threat actions pulled from the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.
Top 10 Twitter Posts Of The Week
For the week ending April 25, CRN at the top tweets from the high-profile players in tech, including Marc Benioff, Steve Wozniak, Carl Icahn and more.