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Liked His VAR So Much He Left His State Job

John Loy, the former senior network engineer for the South Carolina Attorney General's office, loved his solution provider so much that he decided to join it.

Loy, a 10-year state veteran, worked with Davenport Group, a St. Paul-based solution provider, for several years, and last year decided make the move to join Davenport as a senior systems engineer.

Why move?

"The VAR was a relationship-based VAR," Loy said. "Also, the money was better, and the trustworthiness of Davenport was incredible."

Over the past year, Loy said he has enjoyed the openness of working with Davenport. "I've got a great relationship with Paul (Clifford, president) and Sonia (St. Charles, CEO). Everybody talks about family. With Davenport, it really is family."

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